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An Cu Liath City Run

Worcester, MA, April 5, 2010

Running Every Monday Eve at 6:30ish!

Buddy on the hunt!
Buddy on the hunt!


An C Liath Irish Pub

AKA "The Grey Hound"
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610


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Thanks to the Highland City Striders for joining us en masse tonight. Nothing like a little competition to make the field pick up the pace. Not only are they wikid fast but they are wikid cool. A fun bunch of people that like to have a good time!


Good luck to our pals Cyndy Curley and Tom Lynch. Both have shipped off to Ireland for some R&R in the form of the Connemara Marathon. Cyndy was smart enough to get into the standard issue marathon. Tom on the other hand must have had a little tendonitis in his pointy finger because it took him a little too long to pull the trigger and he ended up having to register for the ultra. Probably not a big deal ultimately. I mean 39.3 miles, 26.2 miles, pretty much the same thing.  We are all hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. It just seems like the prudent thing to do at this time. Good luck guys!


Finally I have some sad news to report. Buddy the Beagle has passed on. Buddy, a fixture on the racing circuit, was best pal of race promoter extraordinaire Paulie Collyer. If you've ever been to a Paulie event, and who hasn't, you've met Buddy. When he wasn't busy howling at runners, or sleeping under a table at Olde Magoun's Saloon, Buddy could be found snatching pizza from unsuspecting victims. Buddy loved food and wasn't afraid to show it. Even when it meant swiping it right from your hands. In fact I once saw buddy steal a burger right off a hot grill as it sizzled in the flames!  Our condolences to Paulie on the loss of your friend. Buddy will be missed.







1 17:23 John Pajer Leicester CMS
2 18:44 Gary Cattarin Marlborough HCS
3 19:48 Dom Naples Marlborough HCS
4 20:30 Jay Glickman Marlborough HCS
5 20:42 Dan Milton Hudson HCS
6 20:53 Scott Stevens Holden CMS
7 21:07 Ken Hutton Marlborough HCS
8 21:44 Scott Schaeffer Duffy Worcester CMS
9 22:51 Jack Goolsky Worcester CMS
10 23:10 Chuck Hanko Marlborough HCS
11 23:10 Lynne Hanko Marlborough HCS
12 23:50 Eddie Sanborn Worcester GEN
13 24:04 Dave Wynja Worcester CMS
14 24:50 Balzas Szemes Worcester CMS
15 25:00 Jim McKenna Hudson HCS
16 25:11 Tracy Flynn Shrewsbury CMS
17 25:28 Zaida Ramirez Worcester
18 25:37 Tom Lynch Natick SSAC
19 26:29 Sandee Fillios Marlborough HCS
20 26:30 Ernie Glickman Marlborough HCS
21 26:31 Kin Wamback Worcester CMS
22 27:06 Mike Keating Worcester CMS
23 27:18 Claire Schaeffer Duffy  Worcester CMS
24 30:03 Karen Pajer Leicester CMS
25 30:50 Cyndy Curley Sterling CMS
26 31:00 Marta Carlson Paxton CMS
27 Jacques Guyette Worcester