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An Cu Liath "Shot Heard 'Round the World" run

Worcester, MA, April 19, 2010

With thanks to The Curleys for their continued generous hospitality!

Run you dirty Brits, run home to your silly king.
Run you dirty Brits, run home to your silly king.


An C Liath Irish Pub

AKA "The Grey Hound"
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610


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Happy Patriots Day!  Many died on this day in 1775 so that our esteemed politicians could enjoy a long weekend! 


Small crowd on hand tonight.  Most weekly runners were taking part in the Boston Marathon. Some ran, some maned/womaned water stops, some spectated. (is that a real word?) Congrats to all!


Jason Reed jetted in from the left coast to run a 2:50 Boston. Tradition dictates that after every Boston Jason comes to the Grey Hound to run our race. This year was no different, with one exception. Jason left his woman at home apparently due to "injuries".  Speculation abounds. There are rumblings that perhaps our gang was a little too "friendly" last year and maybe Jason thought better of feeding her to the wolves.  Maybe true, maybe not but here's hoping that next year if there is only one plane ticket purchased, the user is less him and more her.


As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, our hostess, Cyndy Curley and her traveling companion, Monday runner/baker Tom Lynch popped over to Ireland to hit the Connemara Marathon. They have not been seen since. As far as we know both completed their runs, Cyndy the Marathon, and Tom the Ultra, yet they haven't come home. Hmmmm,  this is very interesting. Do stay tuned!






3 Mile Results


1            20:28        Jason Reed                    San Bruno, CA     New Balance Excelsior

2            21:08        Al Barrera                       Worcester           CMS

3            21:22        Scott Schaeffer Duffy       Worcester           CMS

4            22:16        Jacques Guyette             Worcester

5            27:00        Balazs Szemes               Worcester          CMS

6            27:23        Tracy Flynn                     Shrewsbury        CMS




Telegram from Cyndy Curley route


Tom & I did 3.2m here in Doolin in 32:18 (that includes a 60 second donkey visit - sooo cute!)