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Feel Good Farm Snowshoe Races

Lyndeborough, NH, January 24, 2009

Overall Results

Photo by Steve Wolfe
Photo by Steve Wolfe

                       Feel Good Farm 7.2K/3.6K Snowshoe
                    Lyndeborough, NH - January 24, 2009
                    Produced by 3C Race Productions LLC
                   Results by Yankee Timing 978-430-5669

"You're evil!" Yeah - that's right. I am evil for inflicting Moose Mountain in Lyndeborough, NH
not once, but twice on the snowshoers at the first annual Feel Good Farm Snowshoe Race. At least,
according to one of the snowshoers who was shoeing only his second race ever. But somehow, after
the race, all the runners - even the one who called me evil, said they enjoyed the race course.
Go figure? Snowshoe racers must be crazy!

Crazy fast!!! That's the only way to describe Jim Johnson's incredible race --- beating runner up,
Rovert Jackman, by exactly 4 minutes. Jackman is one of Rhode Island's top runners and beating him
in any race is hard, yet Johnson took him down by 4 minutes. On the way to victory, Johnson had to
summit Moose Mountain twice --- 575 vertical feet of climbing in less than a mile each time! Tim
Cox took the bronze in his first ever snowshoe race and looks to be a force in the Granite State
Snowshoe Series next week at Cobble Mountain.

Dan Verrinton took the master's title, while Scott Mason outlasted Jim Hansen for the 50+ crown.

Diane Leveque raced to what might be her first ever overall victory and now holds the women's
course record at Feel Good Farm.

Ellen Tidd started out with plans for the full 8K, but one trip up Moose Mountain prompted her
to switch to the 4K, thus allowing her to take the overall title --- beating your truly who
raced the course by himself several hours before the rest of the field. I did race carrying
5 course marking signs and stopped along the way to plant them in the snow and several more
times to take some pictures, but still would have had a hard time breaking 30 minutes. Tidd's
clearly the champ here.

New Hampshire's snowshoe racing continues next weekend with the Cobble Mountain Classic --- the
toughest snowshoe race in New Hampshire and maybe all of New England. Also look for a couple of
more races on the NH snowshoe racing schedule --- the Joppa Hill Snowshoe Sprint in Bedford on
February 28 and one more race - still in the works - for early March.

                                   7.2K Results
Place Time    Pace  Name                   Team                      Age Sex Bib City St            
===== ======= ===== ====================== ========================= === === === ================== 
    1   30:57  6:53 Jim Johnson            CMS Polar Bears            31 M   214 Salem NH           
    2   34:57  7:46 Robert Jackman         Tuesday Night Turtles      26 M   133 Warwick RI         
    3   35:48  7:58 Tim Cox                acidotic RACING            35 M   215 Northwood NH       
    4   36:27  8:06 Dan Verrington         CMS Polar Bears            46 M   138 Bradford MA        
    5   39:09  8:42 Ben Keefe              Tuesday Night Turtles      28 M   136 Providence RI      
    6   39:33  8:48 Ron Bedard             CMS Polar Bears            44 M   220 Westminster MA     
    7   42:57  9:33 Austin Stonebraker     acidotic RACING            29 M   218 Dover NH           
    8   47:55 10:39 Scott Mason            Tuesday Night Turtles      51 M    78 Warwick RI         
    9   48:39 10:49 Jim Hansen             Gate City Striders         50 M   219 Nashua NH          
   10   49:36 11:02 Joe Merriam            Club Northeast             49 M    22 Franklin NH        
   11   50:28 11:13 Brian Gallagher        Rochester Runners          59 M   216 Rochester NH       
   12 1:08:46 15:17 Diane Levesque         Rochester Runners          55 F   217 Rochester NH       

                                   3.6K Results
Place Time    Pace  Name                   Team                      Age Sex Bib City St            
===== ======= ===== ====================== ========================= === === === ================== 
    1   27:27 12:12 Ellen Tidd                                        40 F   221 Contoocook NH
    2   32:22 14:24 Michael Amarello       acidotic RACING            45 M     5 Merrimack NH