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Farm to Farm 5K

Athens, ME, July 7, 2009


FARM TO FARM 5K, Sites Strawberry Farm, Athens, Maine
Results from July 7th, 2009
60 and showers
Matt McClintock (Athens)  19:01 (trophy)
Spencer Whittemore (Madison)  23:53 
Jeremiah McLeod (Harmony)  25:32
Luke Sites (Athens)  25:56
Casey Nickerson (Harmony)  27:12 (trophy)
Larry Scott (Athens)  28:21
Allie McClintock (Athens)  30:37
Hunter Scott (Athens)  32:33
Haley McLeod (Harmony)  33:12
Abigail McLeod (Harmony)  35:26
Lettie Nickerson (Harmony)  36:18
Lindsey Lynch (Norridgewock)  37:22
Angela McMahon (Cornville)  37:40
Cassandra McLeod (Harmony)  39:14
*Mona Bussell (Athens)  40:53 (trophy)
*Jean Bussell (Athens)  40:54 
Issac Bussell (Athens)  40:55
*Sandy Linkletter (Athens)  40:56
Seth Bussell (Athens)  41:30
Bob Turnbull (Athens)  46:27
Harrison Sites (Athens)  49:26
Lori Costa (Athens)  49:55
Jared Nickerson (Harmony) 53:36
Kate Cooley (Athens)  54.08
Lisa McClintock (Athens) 54:10
Natalie Sites (Athens) 57:20
Georgia Clark-Albert
Robin Albert
Lillian Cooley
Marjorie Scott
*Denotes top walkers