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2nd Wildlands Snowshoe Runs

East Orland, ME, January 18, 2009


Courtesy of the Sub5 Web site

2nd Wildlands Snowshoe Runs
Sunday, January 18th, 2009
East Orland, Maine.
Temps 20's with steady snowfall.

Courtesy of the EA Web site

For more race information, see Maine Running Photos.

file photo of the 2007 event
file photo of the 2007 event

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1.3 Non-Competitive Trekkers 1.Pamela Farrar 2.Cheri Domina 3.Gunilla Kettis 4 Mile Run 1.Patty Craig, 44:49 CR. 2.Judd Estey Kendall, 49:50. Master CR. 3.Katrina Bisheimer, 56:48 2nd F. 4 Mile Snowshoe Run 1.Tom Kirby, 54:55 1st. 2.Patricia Hansen, 56:10 1st F(CR.) 3.Sean Sullivan, 62:12 2nd M. 4.Tom Russell, 65:34 3rd M. 5.Diane Kay, 69:20 2rd F. 6.Tom Turlo, 87:45 3th M.(started late) 7.Par Kettis, 49:00 1st Ski Thanks to Jake Maier, Jennifer Riefler, Cheri Domina, Karen Keeney, Patick Reid. Sincerely, Peter Keeney.