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An Cu Liath "Off Road " Run

Worcester, MA, October 26, 2009

Subliminal message...Spaghetti and meatballs....

An C Liath Irish Pub

AKA "The Grey Hound"
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610


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Happy birthday to El Presidente Jack Goolsky. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Tom Lynch provided a figgy pudding for the gang. Even though I saw it I still have no idea what figgy pudding is. I do know this though, you won't find Bill Cosby hawking this product any time soon 'cause pudding it's not.


Mac and cheese was the main course this week. In a strange twist the mac and cheese was provided by Cyndy Curley and also Karen Pajer. What makes this strange is the fact that neither conspired with the other to come up with this dish. Last week we had several people bring soup of varying varieties and the week before we had numerous rice dishes. You know what they say about women spending allot of time together. This may be a similar phenomenon.


A bit dicey running on our course these days. It's dark out and with the removal of street lighting on part of our course and the disappearing sidewalks in the construction zone we run through every step is an exercise in face plant prevention. The engineering dept at the City of Worcester assures me we will have new streetlights by mid November and let's hope this plays out.


If you are looking for something to do this weekend I have two trail races to keep you busy. First, I present to you the 16th annual Wachusett Reservoir Deer Run. A Saturday morning CMS race with a 5k or 10k trail run in the Wachusett Reservoir Watershed. Info:

Boylston, MA 9:30AM Gate 8, Wachusett Reservoir across from Pine Ridge Farm, Route 70 (5 K or 10K Trail Run through Wachusett Reservoir Land)
Contact: Richard Hunt (Central Mass Striders), 6 West View Street, Auburn, MA, USA, 01501. 1-508-832-4425


Second we have the 6th annual Busa Bushwack 5.3 and 10 mile trail run held Sunday morning. A bunch of us Monday nighters are heading out to this one. We'll be carpooling from the Greendale Y Sunday with a departure time of 7:20 am should you need to hitch a ride. Info:


Framingham, MA 9:00AM Brophy School, 575 Pleasant Street (Run on natural conservation land trails of Callahan State Park in Fram- Marlboro)
Contact: Barry Ostrow (Greater Framingham Running Club), 6 Braeburn Lane, Ashland, MA, USA, 01701. 1-774-244-2172

3 Mile results



1 19:06 John Pajer Leicester CMS
2 21:17 Al Barrera Worcester CMS
3 21:29 Scott Schaeffer Duffy Worcester
4 21:41 Brian Specht Princeton
5 22:05 Sanjay Ram Worcester CMS
6 22:31 Scott Stevens Holden CMS
7 23:10 Jack Goolsky Worcester CMS
8 23:20 Brad Clark Worcester
9 25:00 Rich Lemerise Worcester CMS
10 25:15 Tom Lynch Natick SSAC
11 26:17 Clair Schaeffer Duffy Worcester
12 27:04 Tracy Flynn Shrewsbury CMS
13 28:30 Jesus Barrera Worcester CMS
14 28:46 Jim Whittemore Leicester PS&MD
15 29:09  Brenna Cussen Worcester
16 29:40 Beth Caillouet Worcester
17 35:31 Cyndy Curley Sterling CMS
18 Daggi Bell Worcester
19 David Maher N. Brookfield
20 25:31 2 mi Paul Curley Sterling FBO