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An Cu Liath "Pizza Wars" 3 miler

Worcester, MA, May 11, 2009

3 Mile and assorted results

An C Liath Irish Pub

AKA "The Grey Hound"
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610


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What happened this week.....



Round one of the Great Worcester Pizza Showdown was held tonight.  We had pizza from three local establishments with their respective identities hidden from view.  Pizza A was good, C was ok, but it was B that was the unanimous winner. Don't ask which pizza was from where because I have no idea.


The Berrera brothers left carrying a TV. Why? I don't know. Strange things just seem to happen on Monday night.  No word on whether or not they made it across Kelley Sq without getting jacked, hit by a car, or tazed by the local constabulary.




1 18:06 John Pajer Leicester CMS
2 18:29 Thaddeus Bell Worcester
3 20:28 Seamus Shanley Shrewsbury CMS
4 20:58 Alberto Berrera Worcester
5 21:37 Ben Adler Worcester CMS
6 22:11 Scott Stevens Holden CMS
7 22:20 Lisa Durand Auburn CMS
8 22:28 J. Joseph Goolsky II Worcester CMS
9 22:43 Jacques Guyette Worcester
10 23:37 Eddie Sanborn Worcester Genesis
11 23:43 Brad Clark Worcester
12 25:55 Evelyn Dolan Fitchburg CMS
13 28:04 Richard Hunt Auburn CMS
14 28:29 Jesus Berrera Worcester
15 28:36 Marta Carlson Paxton CMS
16 30:00  Cyndy Curley Sterling CMS
17 30:00 Uba Jacob Worcester
18 30:25 John C Gasperski Worcester Genesis
19 32:31 John Hendrick Berlin CMS
20 Glen Green Rutland
21 16:42 2 mi Susan Leo Johnson Worcester
22 16:42 2 mi Karen Gagliastre Worcester
23 52:00 5 mi Amy Paquette Worcester CMS
24 52:01 5 mi Kevin Fallon Worcester CMS
25 DNF Mark Johnson & Pippi Hoxston CMS