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Olde Magoun's Saloon 5Km

Somerville, MA, March 5, 2009


Weather:38 degrees

Brendan McWilliams continued his winning ways at Magoun’s, while Deirdre Calvert showed that she is not only tall and pretty but fast too. 
Seriously folks, we may not have a lot of speed as a club but good-looks we have in abundance. 

A bit of sad news to report, Khoury’s State Spa has shut its doors for good. We understand that the SRR’s will be running out of Casey’s until further notice. 
Please check their website for details. 

In the interim, join us every Thursday night. @ 7:10pm. for a dead-on 5k, cold refreshments, and friendly atmosphere. 

#	Name				City			Time		Club
1	Brendan McWilliams		         Arlington		         19:20		KK
2	Jeff Doody			Cambridge		         23:09
3	Tony LaRosa			Wilmington		23:52		SSAC
4	John Singleton			Waltham		         24:48		SSAC
5	George Thompson		         Somerville		25:56
6	Deirdre Calvert		         W. Medford		27:04		SSAC
7	Patricia French		         Somerville		28:17		SSAC
8	Terry Shipley			Medford		         28:24	         SSAC
9	Shannon Stecher		         Somerville		28:32
10	Jerry Shine			Somerville		29:53		SSAC
11.	Kerstin Johnson		         Somerville		30:37		SSAC
12	Jackie Ecker			Somerville		30:37		SSAC
13	Jim Egan			         Medford		         30:41
14	Larry Davey			Somerville		30:50*		SSAC
15	Elaine Scadding		         Charlestown		31:40
16	Brian Poli			Lynn			35:33		SSAC
	*Late Start