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An Cu Liath "Snow way I'm runnin' fast" 3 miler

Worcester, MA, March 2, 2009

Three mile results

An Cù Liath Irish Pub

AKA "The Grey Hound"
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610


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It was to be the farewell to Tony's Pizza Run this week.  The run happened, but Tony's Pizza shutdown before we could say goodbye so we were left pizza-less. Thankfully Tracy Flynn came by with a batch of M&M cookies to hold us over.


Now that our regular supplier of pizza has closed up shop, thanks again George Bush, we will be auditioning local establishments in the upcoming weeks.  It looks to be something of a Pepsi Challenge redux featuring pizza from all the Canal District hot spots. When will we do this?  Who knows. Just show up and find out.


No pizza tonight but loads of snow. Coming off last weeks meltdown where we finally had ice free sidewalks and roads, these conditions were surely a bummer. Of course only for those of us foolish enough to actually try to "run" in them.




Just checked the almanac. This weekend we turn the clocks forward and hour. So what?  Next week we run in daylight.


Pizza....Just wanted to say it again. Not sure I used that word enough already. 



1        25:13            Charles Kaneb            Worcester         CMS

2        30:14            Scott Stevens               Holden            CMS

3        30:15            Joe Carpenter              Rochdale         CMS

4        30:16            Mark Johnson              Paxton            CMS

5        20:30            Cyndy Curley                Sterling           CMS