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SRR Thursday Night 4.13 mile run

Somerville, MA, June 25, 2009

"So tonight gotta leave that nine to five upon the shelf
And just enjoy yourself
Groove, let the madness in the RUN get to you
Life aint so bad at all
If you live it off the wall"

Women's Open
Laura Beechy              Charlestown, MA     29:41 (First Timer)
Meredith Miller           Somerville, MA      30:57 	
Sarah Wright              Somerville, MA      31:39
Yili Yao                  Arlington, MA       33:24
Kim Lockwood              Cambridge, MA       34:27 (First Timer)
Maura Sheehy              Medford, MA         34:44 
Ali Will                                      35:06 (First Timer)
Becky Uprichard           Somerville, MA      35:44
Lindsay Baughman                              35:46 (First Timer)
Melinda Casey             Somerville, MA      35:46 (First Timer)
Meaghan Fitzgerald        Watertown, MA       35:55
Carrie Mosher             Somerville, MA      36:22 	
Kate Blumberg             Cambridge, MA       36:22	
Sara Radkiewicz           Charlestown, MA     37:25	
Katie Halpin              Somerville, MA      41:09
Rebecca Hagley                                46:38 (First Timer)
Tanya Kivi                Somerville, MA      47:35 (Sweeper)

Women's Masters Nancy Slocum Somerville, MA 34:36 Ruth Sespaniak Arlington, MA 38:35 Jennifer Jordan Nashua, NH 41:45

Men's Open Rue Ratray Everett, MA 25:54 Joe Milane 27:15 Tim Morin Somerville, MA 27:48 Eric Larson Cambridge, MA 27:59 Mike Greco Medford, MA 28:15 Matt Flinders Watertown, MA 29:01 Rob Barry Somerville, MA 29:29 (First Timer) Neil Finnegan Somerville, MA 29:29 Jared MacDonald Cambridge, MA 30:36 Jaime Uprichard Somerville, MA 30:36 (First Timer) Nick Ware Somerville, MA 31:36 Deric Corwin Cambridge, MA 32:03 Danny McGinty Cambridge, MA 34:27 Kevin Thompson Arlington, MA 34:27 Shane Flannelly-King Cambridge, MA 35:40 Scott Abrams Belmont, MA 37:53 Aaron Beer Natick, MA 40:45 (First Timer) Andrew Fintzel Jamaica Plain, MA 40:45 Eric Buda Somerville, MA 47:35 (Sweeper)

Men's Masters James McCrea Watertown, MA 25:51 Mike LaPierre Medford, MA 27:19 Gary Smith Watertown, MA 28:28 Joe O'Leary West Medford, MA 29:30 Ed Meek Somerville, MA 32:59 Lou Duval Winchester, MA 35:51 (60+) Victor Gonzalez Somerville, MA 36:16 Selcino de Olivera Somerville, MA 37:19 (60+) Steve Pepe Woburn, MA 47:14 (50+) (Treadmill)