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An Cu Liath Cohabitation Run

Worcester, MA, June 1, 2009

What does that title even mean??

The cake du jour
The cake du jour

An C Liath Irish Pub

AKA "The Grey Hound"
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610


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Happy Birthday to the "Professor" Dick Hunt who turns 70 this week. We celebrated with a chocolate cake that was apparently provided by a cake decorating school dropout or a first grader. What it lacked in appearance fortunately was made up in the taste department. This was good stuff. Even better was the fact that Dick wasn't even in the house tonight which meant more cake for the rest of us. More cake=more gooder!  Nobody seemed to know where the Professor was hiding out. Could it be that he had better things to do than run through traffic on a Monday night? Last I heard the old bastard was parking his car..... in the produce section of the local Stop and Shop, a rite of passage for the senior hood!!


Next week there are two, count 'em two chances to ruin your marriage at the Grey Hound Pub. Our regular run will go off at 6:30 or whenever we're damn good and ready Monday evening. But wait! There's more.  The North Medford Club will be holding race #2 of their Summer Series AKA  Just another excuse to get together and drink beer race series.  Tuesday night at 7:00 pm The "Mr. Bean Memorial 3.4 Mile Run" will be rockin' the Canal District of Worcester. Here's the info:


The Greyhound Pub Mr. Bean Memorial Run
Worcester, MA 7:00PM An Cu Liath (The Greyhound Pub), 11 Kelley Square (3.4 Mile urban run. Part of the 2009 North Medford Club Summer Series.)
Contact: Amy Paquette, USA, 30127




1 19:21 Thaddeus Bell Worcester
2 20:58 Al Berrera Worcester
3 22:04 Scott Stevens Holden CMS
4 22:20 David Russell Leicester CMS
5 22:21 Lisa Durand Auburn CMS
6 23:12 Joe Carpenter Rochdale CMS
7 23:18 Eddie Sanborn Worcester GEN
8 23:23 Tom Lynch Natick SSAC
9 23:25  Brad Clark Worcester
10 23:55 Kathy Murphy Worcester CMS
11 24:40 Willa Deitch Philadelphia
12 24:46 Lynn Thornton Holden
13 25:09 Susan Leo Johnson Worcester
14 26:31 Sarah Fontaine Worcester
15 26:31 Helen Horan Worcester
16 31:07 Cyndy Curley Sterling CMS
17 31:07 Ken Deary Dudley CMS
18 39:38 Amanda Whittemore Leicester SSAC
19 39:39 Jim Whittemore Leicester SSAC
20 Glen Green Rutland
21 Stu Thurston Boylston CMS
22 Sherri St Pierre Shrewsbury
23 Dave Krom  Worcester CMS