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CMS 52-Week 5K Series Race #24

Devens, MA, June 10, 2009


			  2009 CMS 52-Week 5K Series Race #24		
				       DEVENS, MA		
				      June 10,2009	
Results Courtesy of Central Mass Striders
They were racing tonight. Several close finishes resulted in some good times. The runners were happy with their results as well. Sau Mei just beat out a leaning Jim Snyder-Grant in a near photo finish. Tom Robert lead a group of 5 runners all finishing within 6 seconds of each other, just beating a late surge from Alissa Zbikowski. Also in the group was first time Devans 5k finisher Elieen Karonauer who proved she came to race, taking the female senior honors. A chip off the block, daughter Kristina Karonauer was hot on the heals of our overall winner Charlie Salmond. If this had been a 6k Charlie, look out. Also Of note is how many husband-wife, Mother-daughter, Father-daughter/son, Significant other-Significant other pairs we have from week to week. Just proves this race is just good clean family fun. How they finished: Place Time Name Category Town Club 1 19:49 Charlie Salmond -1ms- M50-59 Fitchburg, MA CMS/NMC 2 20:12 Kristina Karonauer -1fj- F 0-19 Harvard, MA Bromfield HS 3 20:21 Andy Luro M50-59 Princeton, MA CMS 4 20:50 Keith Orni -1mo- M20-29 Lunenburg, MA - 5 21:35 Tom Spinelli -1mm- M40-49 Leominster, MA CMS/NMC 6 21:38 Erin Lyman -1fo- F20-39 Groton, MA - 7 22:28 Heather Arsenault F20-39 Leominster, MA CMS 8 22:36 Sau Mei Leung -1fm- F40-49 Clinton, MA CMS 9 22:37 Jim Snyder-Grant M50-59 Acton, MA CMS 10 22:55 John Mulhall M20-39 Templeton, MA CMS 11 23:04 Peter Orin -1mv- M60-69 Ashburnham, MA CMS/MNC 12 23:21 Peter McCarron M50-59 Lunenburg, ma CMS 13 23:58 Tom Robert M40-49 Charlton, MA CMS 14 23:58 Alissa Zbikowski F20-39 Gardner, MA CMS 15 24:01 Eileen Karonauer -1fs- F50-59 Harvard, MA - 16 24:03 Darlene Hoover F50-59 Sterling, MA CMS/NMC 17 24:04 Jim Shope M50-59 Sterling, MA CMS/NMC 18 24:40 Kimberly Hoffman F20-39 Ayer, MA CMS 19 26:12 Evelyn Dolan F40-49 Fitchburg, MA CMS 20 26:31 Sandy Orni F20-39 Lunenburg, MA CMS 21 27:51 John Cambell M60-69 Stow, MA MRC 22 28:04 Alan Hoffman M60-69 Sterling, MA CMS 23 28:39 Alison Mulhall F20-39 Templton, MA - 24 29:18 Bob Pacetti M50-59 Fitchburg, MA CMS 25 31:14 Eric Ross M20-39 Hudson, Ma - 26 31:23 Ken Steffan M50-59 Leominster, MA - 27 32:28 Kari Smiraglla F 0-19 Ayer, MA AHS 28 36:13 Alison Cambell -1fv- F60-69 Stow, MA CMS ( 50's, Humid) C'Clockwise course,(all left turns) Voluteers: Megan Therriault, Kevin Fallon, Roxanne Robert, Larry Morris, Sarah Fullen, Jim Sicard