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GNBTC Airport Fun Run

New Bedford, MA, July 22, 2009


Greater New Bedford Track Club
Airport Run 2.5 miles
2009 Wednesday July 22
1Peter Danzell15:316:12
2Paul Bedard15:516:20
3Andrew Gonsalves16:196:31
4Nick Martin16:306:36
5Carl Beckman16:596:47
6Jose Gomes17:086:51
7Paul Correia17:487:07
8David Gully17:597:11
9Kevin Silva18:567:34
10Joe Gonsalves19:107:40
11Jackie Francisco19:137:41
12Larry Finnerty19:137:41
13Donald Rei19:387:51
14Cheryl Healy20:198:07
15Dealila Ferreia20:248:09
16Joe Amaral20:508:20
17Tino Fidalgo21:218:32
18Brian Miller21:438:41
19Kira Ball21:558:46
20Ted Silva22:218:56
21Dave Simmons22:218:56
22Rob Ball27:50:0011:08
23LCM Webster29:55:0011:58
Special thanks to the timers….
Fernando Cohelo
Charlie Daniels
Jim Frenette
Kenny Rogers
and Nancy