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An Cu Liath "Happy Anniversary" 3 miler

Worcester, MA, February 2, 2009

Fairly accurate results within 24 hours!!

An Cù Liath Irish Pub
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610


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Not much to say this week but I should mention we just passed the two year anniversary of our run.  Seems like only yesterday when I came up with the idea for a run in Kelley Sq.  Nobody was doing it and nobody was crazy enough to consider it.  But consider it I did and do it we do!  Two years in and we may have lost a few people along the way, changing the course repeatedly may have caused some confusion,  but as far as we know, or will admit, nobody has become road pizza as a result of the run. That is more or less the story.


Many thanks to the host establishment, "An Cu Liath" also known as The Grey Hound Pub and owners Cyndy and Paul Curley.  Cyndy, along with the Monday night gang, does a fantastic job feeding the hungry runners and Paul keeps us well hydrated.


Come on down and join us each and every Monday night at 6:30 year 'round.


See you Monday!





1         24:04     Rick Scott                Pelham        SMAC

2         24:04     Mark Johnson           Paxton         CMS

3         24:29     Tom Lynch               Natick          SSAC

4         25:40     Tracy Flynn              Shrewsbury  CMS

5         26:35     Joe Carpenter           Rochdale      RRR

6         26:36     Susan Leo Johnson  The Hood

7         26:49     Scott Stevens           Holden         CMS

8         27:30     Jim Whittemore        Leicester      SSAC