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An Cu Liath City Run

Worcester, MA, December 7, 2009

Overall results

An C Liath Irish Pub

AKA "The Grey Hound"
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610


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Still time to donate to the Telegram Santa. Next Monday we'll wrap up this years collection and send the money off to the T&G which will then distribute as needed to some (hopefully) deserving children. We don't ask for anything during the year, the run is free, the post race food is free, and the humor is appropriately priced. Please bring a few extra dollars Monday. Checks made out to Telegram & Gazette Santa Fund  are acceptable as well. 


Now on to some important business. That business is chocolate chip cookies with bacon, and business is good. The cookies themselves, well...... It appeared most people liked them. Well at least most people tried them. Me, I could take them or leave them. They were not bad. The hint of saltiness alongside the chocolate was nice but there was just something odd going on overall. There is a time and a place for bacon, neither of which is a cookie. I was supposed to write a glowing report but journalistic integrity trumps cookie hype every time! Sorry Tom.


If you'd like your recipe ridiculed bring the prepared item down next Monday night. If it's good you'll get a gold star if it stinks we'll point and laugh.



3 Mile Results


1 19:22 Brian Specht Princeton CMS
2 19:50 J.J. Goolsky Rutland CMS
3 20:15 Mike Auger Westminster CMS NMC
4 21:28 Al Barrera Worcester CMS
5 21:36 Scott Schaeffer Duffy Worcester CMS
6 22:00 Jack Goolsky Worcester CMS
7 23:47 Karen Berni Giarusso Worcester CMS
8 24:39 Tom Lynch Natick SSAC
9 24:44 Mark Johnson Hoxton CMS
10 25:23 Travis Thompson Worcester CMS
11 25:24 Scott Stevens Holden CMS
12 25:27 Joe Carpenter Rochdale CMS
13 25:53 Susan Leo Johnson Worcester CMS
14 27:24 Jesus Barrera Worcester CMS
15 29:21 Brenna Cussen Worcester
16 30:39 Dan Dodson Methuen NMC MR
17 30:45 Cyndy Curley Sterling CMS
18 Karen Pajer Leicester CMS
19 John Pajer Leicester CMS
20 Beth Caillouet & Jerry Springer Worcester
21 sweeper Dave Krom Worcester CMS