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Chris Sheehan Memorial 10K Run

Rocky Hill, CT, February 15, 2009

Overall Results

The report below is from Peter Briggeman who organized the Chris 
Sheehan Memorial 10K Run which was part of the Hartford Track
Club Winter Series. For more information about the Club and the 
Series, go to

The Chris Sheehan Memorial 10K Run, which was held on Sunday February 
15th at the Rocky Hill Ferry landing, was a success. It was a beautiful 
day with late winter temperatures and sun shining. The course was 
a challenging 10K with all runners completing the course; a few 
even ran an extra 2 tenths of a mile because they missed a turn on 
the return course.  Family members, including Chris Sheehan’s two 
grandsons, showed their support of the run by encouraging runners, 
manning a water stop, and handing out place cards at the finish 
line. The family extends their gratitude to the runners for their 
support and the kindness and attention shown towards the children. 
Both boys were very impressed with the runners and have stated that 
they want to run races when they grow up. Thanks again for the 
support and making running what it should be, pleasurable.

       Race Results:                        
       Place             Name               Time  
       1st               Andy Glover        41:20 
       2nd               Zean Gassmann      45:55 
       3rd               Kevin Tranberg     47:11 
       4th               Mitch Bielenda     47:20 
       5th               John Da Silva      50:03 
       6th               Eddie Gorecki      50:12 
       7th               Brent Stratton     50:18 
       8th               Ginny Welch        51:20 
       9th               Terry Voytek       58:25 
       10th              Lynda Jaeger       66:32 
       11th              Cathy King         68;30 
       12th              Boris Lurye        68:47 
       13th              Jerry Peterson     69:01 
       14th              Peter Briggeman    69:02