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2nd Annual MudHog Challenge

Gilford, NH, August 10, 2008

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Overall Results

Getting down 'n' dirty... Photo by Gigi
Getting down 'n' dirty... Photo by Gigi

              MudHog 5 Mile Trail Race & Mudhog Challenge
               Gunstock Ski Area, Gilford, New Hamshire
                             August 9, 2008
               Race Scoring: Yankee Timing 978-430-5669  

The ONLY reason there were only 106 participants in this wild and wacky 5 Miler is that more of you
have never heard of it because it is just plain FUN, FUN, FUN !!! Is that enough exclamation points?

The Race Director has taken your basic hilly and challenging 5 mile trail race and added a few twists.
First, it is a team race for 2, where both participants must finish the race at the same time after
both covering the whole race course. However, each participant runs part of the course and bikes the
rest. Teammates trade off between biking and running at each mile mark. Second, each mile mark also
contains an obstacle or challenge that must be completed by both participants before the team can move
on to the next leg. I can't tell you what the obtsacles or challenges are as they change year to year
at the whim of the above-mentioned RD. Finally, after running/biking 5 miles on hilly trails at Gunstock
Ski Area and completing 4 obstacles/challenges, the particpants must cross the 60 foot long and 12-15
inch deep mud pit. One look at the above picture says it all.

But remember, this is still a race, not just an excuse to wallow around in the mud. This year's race
came down to the final 1/4 mile as the all male team Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins just barely edged out
the all female team Chunky Monkey. And don't just think this race is for crazy young'uns. There were
several teams made up of 50+ and 60+ racers. (Psst! Hey guys! 56% of the participants were ladies!)

The RD doesn't shortchange on the post race festivities either as all runners were treated to a BBQ
and a beer garden --- and prizes included IPODs to boot. Plus the t-shirts are really cool!!!

See you next year! That's an order --- not a request!!!

Place Member 1                  Member 2                    Team Name                    Cat Time    
===== ========================= =========================== ============================ === ======= 
   1 Stephen Plouffe           Matthew Pagos               Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins   MO   36:01 
   2 Tracie Paine              Eva-Marie Kneitz            Chunky Monkey                 FO   36:12 
   3 Tim Saccoia               Ely Wolfe                   Mud Ninjas                    MO   39:17 
   4 Barry Hersh               Terry Hersh                 Slowslide                     CO   39:22 
   5 Haskell Kent              Matt Theisen                Let's Do This!                MO   39:30 
   6 Suzanne Rancourt          Gino Rancourt               Muddy Waters                  CO   39:31 
   7 Wes Speanburg             Nate Spillane               Team Guinness                 MO   40:08 
   8 Matt Micari               Manjil Chatterizi           Muddy Jello                   MO   40:44 
   9 Andrew Hartman            Joshua Magee                Quantum Leapers               MO   41:04 
  10 Kathleen MacVarish        James MacVarish             MuddyMac                      CO   41:19 
  11 Lisa Curtin               Christina Martin            Tickled Knees                 FO   41:21 
  12 Paula Silva               Rich Benetti                Grimy Gorillas                CO   41:24 
  13 Duane Cook                Tim Fahey                   organized kaos                MO   41:32 
  14 Justin Moore              Felix Rieper                Italian Stallions             MO   41:36 
  15 Malinda Gockley           Crissy Straub               Two Scoops                    FO   42:38 
  16 Richard Nuss              Pat O'Rourk                 Ulterior Motive               MO   42:55 
  17 Timothy Dugan             Brian Petersen              Teletrol                      MO   42:58 
  18 Jess Goodine              Carrie Callahan             The Coon Shakers              FO   43:04 
  19 Kim Yates                 Katie Speanburg             Durty Gurls                   FO   43:07 
  20 David Boudreau            Irving Johnson              silver hawks                  MO   43:40 
  21 Holly Bauer               Derek Skaletsky             Brighton Bruisers             CO   44:45 
  22 Corinn Flaherty           Danielle Giannone           Team Wack                     FO   44:49 
  23 Erica Martunas            Elisabeth Charnley          Dirty Duo                     FO   44:53 
  24 Lauren Uhrich             Megan Ryan                  Team Dudely                   FO   44:56 
  25 Michelle Dow              Katie Yates                 slop sisters                  FO   45:02 
  26 John Kesler               Hap Pitkin                  Kesler Pitkin                 MO   45:08 
  27 Melissa Fitch             Sue Jordan                  Muddy Herons                  FO   45:22 
  28 Patti Clifford            Kerrie Redman               Dirty Girls                   FO   45:32 
  29 Melanie Pitkin            Keegan Ferguson             Rockies                       CO   46:19 
  30 Lindsay Stives            Latrisha Lamanna            Team Awesome                  FO   46:33 
  31 Allynn Lodge              Catie Corbin                Garrison Forest               FO   46:47 
  32 Melissa Spencer           Rafael Pocasangre           Turn Down the Radio           CO   47:03 
  33 Michael Head              Becca Zaffini               Zaffead                       CO   47:28 
  34 Chris Clapp               Camille Biggart             CamShaft                      CO   47:36 
  35 Lisa Higgins              Mandy Breitenbach           Hog Wild                      FO   47:38 
  36 Evan Enarson Hering       Nathan Higgins              I LOVE PORK!                  MO   47:41 
  37 Krista Diamond            Barbie Lemire               Harley Hogs                   FO   48:44 
  38 Leah Miller               Cory Miller                 Miller Time                   CO   48:46 
  39 Ashley Mossa              Jeremy Lindeman             Muddy Bears                   CO   48:55 
  40 Carmen Mailloux           Mike Mailloux               Mailloux Mudders              CO   49:12 
  41 Peter St. John            Donald Slate                The Others                    MO   49:35 
  42 Tara Armstrong            Kevin Armstrong             MooseRunners                  CO   49:46 
  43 Timothy Saccoia           Ely Wolfe                   The Mud Ninjas                MO   50:02 
  44 Megan Colley              Rachael Swain               Girls Gone Hog Wild           FO   50:25 
  45 Amy Leathe                Maureen Demer               Needham Chicks                FO   50:43 
  46 Linda Boudreau            Angela Keeley               Team             FO   51:05 
  47 Annette Leblanc           Wendy Milot                 Muddy Mavens                  FO   51:13 
  48 Amy Silva                 Kelley Hanson               Mud Maidens                   FO   52:19 
  49 Christine Manning         Jillian Cote                Spontaneous Me                FO   54:13 
  50 Daniel Forbes             Kathryn Wilson              Forbes/Wilson                 CO   55:19 
  51 Karen Pied                Danielle Buss               Mudzie                        FO 1:02:44 
  52 Kevin Duquette            Shirleen Duquette           Savy Jack                     CO 1:04:23 
  53 Barbara Black             Kent Kelly                  Down N Dirty                  CO 1:06:24