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An Cu Liath easy does it 3 mi

Worcester, MA, October 20, 2008

Come on down and run....

An C Liath Irish Pub
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610


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1 22:26 Tom Lynch Natick SSAC
2 22:30 Jacques Guyette Worcester
3 22:50 Sean Donovan Worcester
4 24:50 R Steele Fiskdale CMS/WPI
5 24:59 Susan leo Johnson Worcester ACL
6 25:39 Nyna Vo Worcester
7 25:39 Christopher Rodwill Worcester
8 28:17 Stu Thurston Boylston CMS
9 28:17 RG Hunt Auburn

10                                   Dave Krom                                    Worcester                                     CMS


Old Course


11          31:40                  Jim Whittemore                           Leicester                                        SSAC



Baystate Marathon 2 mile recovery walk


Evelyn Dolan

Mark Johnson

Eva Johnson

Pippi Johnson

Cyndy Curley

Jack Goolsky

Scott Stevens

Tracy Flynn

Four legged Jack