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An C Liath Irish Pub watch where you step Run

Worcester, MA, March 10, 2008

Results of the Day

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Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Shanley!!
Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Shanley!!

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 Congrats to Seamus Shanley on the arrival of the new baby Shanley boy. I suppose I could have asked what the baby's name is but I'm a guy and we just don't ask those pertinent questions. Don't bother asking me what the birth weight was either. :)
  Seamus was also tonight's winner despite having a bit of an issue with pooch Kasey. No better way to put it other than Kasey left a massive load dead in the Middle of Water Street and associated traffic and Seamus, city firefighter and responsible dog owner stopped, scooped it up in a bag and took off, leaving everyone in his wake.  Maybe he was running really fast or maybe nobody wanted to go near the steaming bag o'poop. I really don't know but in the old days back in Somerville that bag would have been set on fire and left on some poor unsuspecting senior citizens porch and we would have laughed and laughed as they stomped on it.  Ah the good old days when harassing older folks was not so frowned upon.
Don't forget next weeks St Patrick's day Shamrock Shuffle 3 Mile Fun Run  down at the Fiddlers Green Irish Pub. We'll be running our usual route but we will be starting and finishing at Fiddlers green.  Looks to be a fun time with a freebie run, free t-shirts, free cornbeef and cabbage, are you getting the FREE theme here. Truly an event Worcesterites can get behind. Let the Big Fella know you are coming so he can make enough green beer in his new home brewery.
Click here for St Pats fun
1        22:47 Seamus Shanley & Kasey Shrewsbury CMS
2        23:10 Jacques Guyette Worcester
3        24:45 Mark Johnson Paxton CMS
4        24:45 Dave Krom Worcester CMS
5        26:00 Juan Santana Worcester CMS
6        26:06 Ken Deary Dudley CMS
7        26:25 Scott Stevens Holden SSAC
8        26:25 Joe Carpenter Rochdale RRR
9        27:25 Susan Leo-Johnson Worcester
10      28:27 Mike Keating Worcester CMS
11      29:54 Tracy Flynn Shrewsbury CMS
12      31:32 Cyndy Curley Sterling CMS
13      31:45 Tara Palmer Finn Worcester CMS
14      23:00 2mi Paul Curley Sterling CMS