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Khoury's 4.13 Miler - NOT!

Somerville, MA, June 26, 2008

short course due to Somerville 4th of July fireworks

Women's Open
Meghan Thurlow           Somerville, MA      22:19
Imanuela Costiner        Somerville, MA      23:28
Sally Chu                Malden, MA          24:28 	
Maura Galligan           Cambridge, MA       24:45
Kate O'Callaghan         Somerville, MA      24:59
Jen Chang                Cambridge, MA       25:15
Sara Radkiewicz          Charlestown, MA     26:02
Jessica Sexton           Brookline, MA       26:08
Lisa Wotkowicz           Waltham, MA         26:10
Kirsten Chervinsky       Somerville, MA      26:11 
Nicole Parker            North Andover, MA   26:37 	 	
Jill Bender              Brighton, MA        27:47
Debbie Ly                Malden, MA          28:21
Amy Feingold             Boston, MA          28:36 		
Katie Volk                                   37:44 		
Kristen Adrien           Brighton, MA        37:44	

Women's Masters Adena Schutzberg Somerville, MA 26:03

Men's Open Rory Kondrad Somerville, MA 19:23 Jim Moberg Peabody, MA 20:05 David Brno Queens, NY 20:22 Micah McCauley Somerville, MA 20:30 Bryan Manter Somerville, MA 22:18 Scott Abrams Waltham, MA 22:38 Mike McGonagle Reading, MA 23:20 Shaun Miller Melrose, MA 24:03 Bassem Youssef Somerville, MA 24:57 Chris Conroy Jamaica Plain, MA 25:14 Addie Eang Boston, MA 26:01 Mike Hodgin Somerville, MA 34:00

Men's Masters Steve Amari Somerville, MA 19:49 Gary Smith Watertown, MA 20:02 Charles Hall Stoneham, MA 21:27 Ron Siracco Melrose, MA 22:06 (50+) Victor Gonzalez Somerville, MA 22:13 Leevi Raassina Somerville, MA 22:26 Bill Bryant Somerville, MA 23:29 Yas Saotome Brookline, MA 24:14 Fred Bollen Swampscott, MA 27:48 (60+)