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CMS 52-Week 5K Series Race #25

West Boylston, MA, June 18, 2008


			2008 CMS 52-Week 5K Series Race #25	
				Members Only Race		
			       American Legion Hall	
				  West Boylston		
 Results Courtesy of Central Mass Striders
Perfect weather for a race! Temps in the 60's, light drizzle, slight breeze. Mix it together and you have a great recipe for FAST times! 74 Club members came out tonight to run before our Annual Meeting/Social. Leading the way was Adam "anything but Slow" Parslow. Tops on the women's side and second place overall was Kim "still flying after her PR at Boston" Duclos. Coming down out of Sizzler Land, the RD of the infamous Summer Sizzler Series in NH, David Birse would finish first Master and third overall. Marty "the one man party" Ellowitz was next as he led all seniors to the line. Mike Auger was not first in his age category but after consulting each of the three timers, it was determined that he would squeak under the 20 minute barrier by the slimmest of margins. Alright, maybe not but it helps us pad our sub-20 numbers! Nick Kanaracus would win the battle of the former Presidents while also coming in tops in the Veterans category. Nick was followed closely by 3 other age group winners, Jim "still running 7's at 72" Daley (Super Vets), Kyle "Learning everything he needs to know about pacing from his brother" Quitadamo (Junior), and Jan Beckwith (Senior). Rounding out the age group awards was Sau-Mei Leung in the Masters and Sydney Hauver for Juniors. After the race, everyone was treated to a sit down dinner and numerous raffle prizes. Club Officer elections were held with the following people winning spots: Clerk: Kim Wamback Membership Secretary: Evelyn Dolan Treasurer: Karen Lemerise Assistant Treasurer: Roger Nasatka Members At Large: Keri Conte, Terry Elliott, Jack Goolsky, Kent Vinson Vice Prez: Lynn Armstrong President: Kevin Fallon PLACE TIME NAME CATEGORY CITY CLUB 1 17:13 Adam Parslow -1mo- M20-39 West Boylston CMS 2 17:57 Kim Duclos -1fo- F20-39 Worcester CMS 3 18:38 David Birse -1mm- M40-49 Hancock, NH CMS 4 19:03 Marty Ellowitz -1ms- M50-59 Hubbardston CMS 5 19:31 Charlie Salmond M50-59 Fitchburg CMS 6 19:60 Mike Auger M40-49 Westminster CMS 7 20:01 Dave Krom M40-49 Worcester CMS 8 20:03 Fran Real M40-49 Franklin CMS 9 20:10 Carey Pilo M20-39 Worcester CMS 10 20:12 Paul Serafini M40-49 Marlboro CMS 11 20:13 Bill Sicard M50-59 West Fitchburg CMS 12 20:17 Mike Seretto M50-59 Leominster CMS 13 20:20 Greg Haskell M20-39 Ayer CMS 14 20:21 Mark Wigler M50-59 Hubbardston CMS 15 20:33 Curtis Bille M50-59 Millbury CMS 16 20:48 Steve Quitadamo M40-49 Auburn CMS 17 20:53 Lester Forgit M50-59 Worcester CMS 18 20:56 Kate Diogo F20-39 Sturbridge CMS 19 20:59 Scott Stevens M20-39 Holden CMS 20 21:07 Heather Arsenault F20-39 Leominster CMS 21 21:12 Tim Murphy M40-49 Boylston CMS 22 21:35 Nick Kanaracus -1mv- M60-69 Worcester CMS 23 21:43 James Daley -1msv M70+ New Ipswich, NH CMS 24 21:46 Kyle Quitadamo -1mj- M00-19 Auburn CMS 25 21:57 Jan Beckwith -1fs- F50-59 Bolton CMS 26 21:57 Steve Beckwith M50-59 Bolton CMS 27 22:12 Tom Spinelli M40-49 Leominster CMS 28 22:16 Larry LeGros M50-59 Fitchburg CMS 29 22:23 Sau-Mei Leung -1fm- F40-49 Clinton CMS 30 22:47 Glenn Richards M50-59 Holden CMS 31 23:05 Larry Morris M60-69 Leominster CMS 32 23:11 Brenda Morris F40-49 Worcester CMS 33 23:19 Jack Goolsky M40-49 Rutland CMS 34 23:29 Karla Walter F40-49 Rochdale CMS 35 23:40 Sam Levitin M40-49 Worcester CMS 36 23:49 Jody Hirschman F50-59 Worcester CMS 37 23:49 Steve Sapunka M50-59 Oxford CMS 38 23:59 John Armstrong M40-49 Holden CMS 39 24:03 John Robert M00-19 Charlton CMS 40 24:17 Mike Villemaire M50-59 Uxbridge CMS 41 24:18 Aimee Villemaire F20-39 Worcester CMS 42 24:37 Ellen Duffy-Friend F40-49 Rochdale CMS 43 24:46 Joe O'Connor M40-49 Sterling CMS 44 24:48 Evelyn Dolan F40-49 Fitchburg CMS 45 24:55 Sydney Hauver -1fj- F00-19 Holden CMS 46 24:55 Kaitlyn Salmond F20-39 Fitchburg CMS 47 25:05 Jo LaChapelle F50-59 Worcester CMS 48 25:07 Rich Lemerise M40-49 Worcester CMS 49 25:37 Fran Maple M40-49 West Boylston CMS 50 26:02 Liz Pecetti F20-39 Waltham CMS 51 26:02 Bernie Jensen M60-69 Bolton CMS 52 26:06 Jerry Lembcke M60-69 Worcester CMS 53 26:07 Ray Boutotte M60-69 Pepperell CMS 54 26:07 Aldo Bianco M60-69 Leominster CMS 55 26:08 Fiona Walsh F00-19 Oakham CMS 56 26:10 Barbara McManus F40-49 Oakham CMS 57 26:40 Art French M70+ Shrewsbury CMS 58 26:54 Grant Hauver M00-19 Holden CMS 59 26:54 Shanna Hauver F20-39 Holden CMS 60 26:55 Josee Tremblay F40-49 Auburn CMS 61 26:57 Jim Conley M50-59 Worcester CMS 62 27:27 Dick Hunt M60-69 Auburn CMS 63 27:33 Kelli Murphy F00-19 Boylston CMS 64 27:40 Heather Sims F20-39 Auburn CMS 65 27:45 Bob Pacetti M50-59 Fitchburg CMS 66 27:49 Marta Carlson F40-49 Paxton CMS 67 27:52 Bill Haskell M50-59 Sterling CMS 68 28:50 Stu Thurston M70+ Boylston CMS 69 29:25 Otto Lies M70+ Holden CMS 70 29:36 Cyndi Curley F40-49 Sterling CMS 71 30:12 Cindy Gingrich F50-59 Boylston CMS 72 33:40 Melissa McDonald F40-49 Rutland CMS 73 33:40 Erica Perrott F20-39 Worcester CMS 74 37:27 John Hendrick M60-69 Berlin CMS (Sunny - Cool, 60's, light drizzle) Volunteers: Joe Alfano, Lynn Armstrong, John Armstrong, Laura Beckwith, Evelyn Dolan, Bill Ferrara, Tracy Flynn, Ben Hirschman, Stu Kravitz, Karen Lemerise, Gerry McDonald, Que Nguyen, Mark Perrone, Roxanne Robert, Jason Sapunka, Megan Therriault, Julie Vinson, Kent Vinson, Kevin Fallon n Therriault, Julie Vinson, Kent Vinson, Kevin Fallon