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Olde Magoun's Saloon 5Km

Somerville, MA, January 31, 2008

Overall Results

Weather: 39 degrees

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Another bang out night this evening running in "The Ville"and celebrating at the Olde Magoun Saloon


Another bang out night this evening running in "The Ville"and celebrating at the Olde Magoun Saloon..the running was hot and the beer cold..the roads packed with our runners and the bar backed up three deep!!

Some mean competition between Brendan & Cam tonight..both getting in a speed workout before the upcoming Hyannis Marathon on the 24th...just about everyone from "The Ville" is going this year..almost everyone:>)

If you need to get a run in, need some competition, wanna check out how the new nightlight head gear works or just like to drink beer and eat salsa & chips then head on ovah to the Olde Magoun's Saloon on Thursday nights..for most they are just a run for us it's a way of life


5Km Results

1. Brendan McWilliams       
Arlington, MA         18:32   SSAC

2. Cam Manning                 Montpelier, VT        19:14   SSAC

3. Todd Hutchinson             Arlington, MA         19:32   SSAC

4. Chris Hogan                    Medford, MA          20:03

5. Mark Scino                     Charlestown, MA    20:07

6. Rob Kirsh                       Somerville, MA       21:29

7. Geoff Goodhue                 Arlington, MA        21:36

8. Bob Sozanski                 Arlington, MA          22:17

9. Jeff Doody                       Somerville, MA      22:55

10. Micah Shapiro               Cambridge, MA      22:59

11. Ben Howard                  Somerville, MA       23:02  

12. Ringo Davey            Moose Droppings, ME  23:35   SSAC

13. John Singleton             Waltham, MA          23:44   SSAC

14. Jeremy Selwyn            Cambridge, MA        23:53   SSAC
Tony LaRosa               Wilmington, MA       24:08   SSAC

16. Jim Whiitemore            Leominster, MA       24:35   SSAC

17. Calvin Hennick             Brighton, MA           24:41

18. Paul Watson                Cambridge, MA       25:56   SSAC

19. Jeremy Cuellar              Middleboro, MA      26:07   CRR

20. Acadia Jewett               Weymouth, MA      26:29

21. David Jewett                 Weymouth, MA       26:30

22. Charlie LaRosa             West End, MA        26:35   SSAC

23. Kevin Briatowski            Nashua, NH           28:16

24. Kelly Flynn                   Charlestown, MA     28:41

25. Stephon Jussaume       Medford, MA            29:16

26. Deirdre Calvert              West Medford, MA   29:22

27. Maureen Regan            Medford, MA            29:25

28. Freddie Bollen              Swampscott, MA      30:17

29. Maxine Jonas              Charlestown, MA      30:38

30. Elaine Scadding           Charlestown, MA       31:54

31. Dave Copeland             Burlington, MA          32:04

32. Bill Groth                     Watertown, MA         32:26   SSAC

33. Beverly Zaluk               Somerville, MA           33:15   SSAC   
Sandy Peters              Weymouth, MA          32:16
Jackie Ecker               Charlestown, MA       32:58


CRR= Colonial Road Runners
Somerville Striders Athletic Club