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An Cù Liath Irish Pub vote early, vote often Run

Worcester, MA, February 4, 2008

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Come run a race where anybody can win..

An Cù Liath Irish Pub
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610

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Maybe everybody was still mourning the Patriots loss or perhaps they were resting up for Super Tuesday. Certainly the weather was not the reason for the small crowd as tonight was about as good as you can get for a New England early February evening run. No snow, rain, ice, or wind to contend with. 
After a hard day collecting taxes from the citizens of Worcester Joe C still had enough juice to show Ernesto and the rest of the gang why he is founder and president of the Rochdale Road Runners. The RRR is not accepting new members at this time but I hear there is a waiting list. See Joe to see if you qualify, the standards are high.
The fact that Art French did  not record his time might indicate that he is still out there running.  Maybe he's stuck in the new Washington Square "traffic circle", which is just a fancy way of saying rotary.  Somehow the traffic engineers figured if we call it a different name people will think it's better. They were wrong, it is not.
1.       23:44    Joe Carpenter          Rochdale             rrr
2.       23:50    Ernesto Soto             Worcester           cms
3.       24:18    Jack Goolsky             Element              cms
4.       25:20    Craig Ornell              Charlton              cms
5.       27:43    Tracy Flynn               Shrewsbury         cms
6.       28:30    Cyndy Curley            Sterling               cms
7.       31:52    Tony Lucia                Agawam              eorc
8.       ?            Art French               Shrewsbury          cms