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An Cù Liath Irish Pub "Goolsky Victory Lap"

Worcester, MA, February 25, 2008

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An Cù Liath Irish Pub
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610

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Do you feel a little off this week?  Maybe a little lean to the side?  Something just not right?  Well you are not crazy. The earth has been knocked just a little bit off kilter and the cause has been traced back to Kelley Square in Worcester.  What am I talking about?  Jack Goolsky, yes that Jack Goolsky, took the top spot in this weeks edition of the An Cu Liath City Run.  There were doubters, they said it could never happen, Jack's too old.. too tall, drives an incredibly dorky vehicle.  They would snicker and sneer whenever the subject came up.  Well they were all wrong. Not since the '04 Red Sox miracle come back has the local sports scene been so abuzz.  If you know Jack, and lets face it, who really knows Jack, you can bet he is just as shocked by these stunning developments as you and I. But win he did and if you want to see the man, the legend, in his natural habitat (ass planted on a bar stool) you should come and run with us every Monday night.
Don't believe what I am saying?  Feel the Goolsky effect courtesy of some wit and wisdom brought to us by Worcester Magazine... 
1.            24:00            Jack Goolsky                Rutland            CMS
2.            25:06            Tom Lynch                    Natick              USACFRF
3.            25:38            Jim Whittemore             Leicester          SSAC
4.            26:45            Timothy Rooney            Westborough
5.            27:27            Marta Carlson                Paxton             CMS
6.            28:19            Mike Keating                 Worcester         CMS
7.            28:39            Tracy Flynn                   Shrewsbury       CMS
8.            28:47            Dana Canzano               Shrewsbury       CMS
9.            29:00            Jim Sullivan                   Grafton        
10.          29:01            Caitlin Sullivan               Grafton           
11.          29:17            Cyndy Curley                 Sterling             CMS
12.          33:11            Tony Lucia                     Agawam           EORC
13.                              Art French                     Shrewsbury        CMS
14.          30:45 2.6mi    Paul Curley                   Sterling