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An Ců Liath Irish Pub Beetlemania 5k

Worcester, MA, August 25, 2008

Yes we will be running on Labor Day!!

Asian Longhorned Beetle
Asian Longhorned Beetle

An Ců Liath Irish Pub
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610


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Our host city is under quarantine by the Federal Government of these United States of America due to our version of  Beetle mania.  No, Paul, John, Ringo, and the other guy aren't coming to town but....The Longhorn Steakhouse beetle, or whatever it's called, has taken up residence in the trees of Worcester. Apparently this is bad. Many trees will be lost and so the shade these trees provide us with will be lost as well.  I can just see the throngs of weary citizens dehydrated and sunburned walking warily through the streets desperately trying to take refuge from the sun. This is going to be ugly and like every other problem in the world we can only blame one man...George Bush.  Maybe we can get Bruce Willis back here. There's a guy who can handle a crisis.



The good news is we will still be running every Monday Night at 6:30 pm. If we don't, the beetles win and let's be honest, things could be worse, Denver has been invaded by Clintons........








5km results


1 21:47 Brian McCarthy Worcester
2 22:12 Glenn O'Connor Milford CSU
3 23:05 Tom Lynch Natick USACFRF
4 23:07 Scott Stevens Holden SSAC/CMS
5 23:44 Mark Johnson Paxton CMS
6 25:17 Jack Goolsky Rutland CMS
7 26:06 Jacques Guyette Worcester
8 26:36 Mike Keating Worcester CMS
9 26:43 Shawn Fitzpatrick Worcester CMS
10 26:46 Eddie Sanborn Worcester CMS
11 26:55 Susan Leo Johnson Worcester
12 27:58 Tracy Flynn Shrewsbury CMS
13 28:59 Stu Thurston Boylston CMS
14 31:30 Cyndy Curley Sterling CMS
15 31:59 R.G. Hunt Auburn CMS
16 33:11 Marta Carlson Paxton CMS
17 Mike Sikorski Sterling CMS
18 Dave Krom Worcester CMS