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An Cù Liath Irish Pub City Run

Worcester, MA, April 21, 2008

Breaking news.......Cyndy wins!!!

Running is fun, and good for you too.

An Cù Liath Irish Pub
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610

Hosted by the
Somerville Striders Athletic Club
Small crowd joining us tonight. For many the Boston Marathon was the business of the day with some running, some volunteering and some spectating.  Congratulations to some of our  runners, Tracy Flynn, Sue Leo-Johnson, Barbara McManus, Sarah Joyce, Karen Berni Giarusso, and many more.  It was estrogen day on Boylston street with the women showing some serious Mojo on the course and at the finish line. 
Feeling left out and really bad about herself was our own Cyndy Curley who took to the streets of Worcester with purpose tonight showing that you don't need to be Kenyan or have a name that nobody can pronounce to do some kick ass running.  That's right, Cyndy took home the trophy for first woman across the finish line in the 4/21/08 edition of the An Cu lIath City Run.
Spring racing season is underway with many a Road Race to choose from.  While I enjoy many of the larger races such as anything by B.A. Events, there are plenty of smaller  events that are just as much fun and offer a better chance for us slower guys to bring home some hardware. There is no shame in looking for a race that you can do well in due to lack of depth in the field. That's what I think anyway.
A couple coming up this Sunday are the 5KM  Lt. Jay Lyons Road Race at 2 pm in Worcester which is actually one of the larger races in the city.
Also Sunday for a more Small New England town old timey kind of race head out to Holden for the Holden Police Association's annual 5KM road race.
See you Next week.
3.5 Mile results:
1.                 26:01   Scott Stevens            Holden            SSAC
2.                 26:28   Stephen Penna         Chicopee        EORC
3.                 28:51   Jack Goolsky             Rutland           CMS
4.                 34:34   Cyndy Curley             Sterling            CMS
Various Distances
5.                 7:56      Eddie Sanborn         Worcester
6.                 18:30    Tony Lucia               Agawam            EORC
7.                 19:05    Paul Curley               Steling                CMS
8.                 35:04    David Krom              Worcester         CMS