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An C Liath Irish Pub City Run

Worcester, MA, October 8, 2007

Overall results

by Scott

An C Liath Irish Pub City Run

An C Liath Irish Pub
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610

3.5 Mile Run
Hosted by the
Somerville Striders Athletic Club
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Route Map:
They come from all over to run the streets of Worcester.  Tonight's winner was Central Mass native and current resident of the West Coast, Jason Reed.  Not much drama at the finish line as Mr. Reed came in almost a full minute ahead of the next finisher.  
Much like the leaves changing colors we had another sure sign of fall this week.  Tony Lucia came out from Agawam to run with us for the first time since spring.  Tony is a fixture in all the Western Mass road race results, and if I can be in a fraction of the shape he's in when I'm his age I'll be doing alright. Good to have Tony back.
Don't forget the Rutland Pumpkin Paddle 5K this weekend.  The race preceeds it's namesake "The Rutland Pumpkin Paddle" where yes, giant pumpkins will in fact be paddled across Long Pond in Rutland State Park.  Had I known, growing up on the seven hills of Somerville,  that you could turn a wacky idea into such a big event I might have created a national sport by now.  What we used to do was "Borrow" shopping carts from the Star Market on Winter Hill, "Borrow" large sheets of foam (the kind they used to make Nerf Balls)  from the Rogers Foam Factory, line the inside of the cart with the foam, making a sort of cocoon, and head to the top of the hill.  One of us geniuses would then get in the cart of paralysis, at which point we were pushed down the hill where we would crash into whatever happened to get in the way.  No helmets, and apparently no brains, just the innocence of youth which generally translates into stupidity.  Good times!
22:23 Jason Reed Burlingame CA
23:28 Brian McCarthy Worcester
26:40 Erin Morrisey Worcester
26:44 Stephen Charest Worcester CB
26:59 Tony Nguyen Worcester
27:18 Justin Sleeper Worcester CB
27:40 Deb Williams Holland SAHRAR
28:38 Ken Deary Dudley CMS
29:41 Bill Peters Manchester N.H. NMC
30:39 Scot Stevens Holden SSAC
30:40 Jack Goolsky Rutland CMS
30:43 Fran Real Worcester CMS
31:53 Stu Thurston Boylston CMS
32:05 Marta Carlson Paxton CMS
32:45 Tracy Flynn Shrewsbury CMS
33:22 Tony Lucia Agawam EORC
34:17 Michelle Cannan Worcester
35:07 Ian Cannan Worcester
12:00  1 MI Paul Curley Sterling FBO
22:00  2.3 MI Seamus & Kasey Shrewsbury CMS
24:00  2.3 MI Cyndy Curley Sterling CMS