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Olde Magoun's Saloon 5Km

Somerville, MA, October 25, 2007

Overall Results

Weather: 52 degrees

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Brian Poli
Brian Poli

October 25, 2007

October 25, 2007

Olde Magoun's Saloon 5Km

Olde Magoun's Saloon
518 Broadway-Magoun Square
Somerville, MA 02145


Been hosting Thursday night races in "The Ville" goin' on 12 years now...5 of em' out of Khoury's, 3+ out of the Logan Post, 2+ out of the Disabled American Veterans Post and now in 2007 Canty's Pub aka Olde Magoun's Saloon and "it" the race was always the show that night at whatever pub/post it it is a little different in that Canty's Pub aka Olde Magoun's Saloon  is quite a lively place on it's own each night and now the wee race hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club is a compliment to the night NOT the whole show at the pub and after 12 years..that's okay!!!

Another groovy night with the regulars and a few newbies....especially irregular Brian Poli who goes back almost the entire 12 years in "The Ville" w/ the "Big Fellah" .... 12 years is a long time to be supporting something and there are few who do or would..Brian Poli does and after 12 years a nice, quiet respectful friendship has is to another 12 great years Brian Poli:>)

5Km Results

Cam Manning        Montpelier, VT                  18:54    SSAC

2. Trevor Bouchard     Derry, NH                     19:19    TBR
Chris Hogan          Medford, MA                  20:02

4. Todd Hutchinson    Arlington, MA                 21:14    SSAC
Jeff Doody             Somerville, MA             21:50

6. Ringo Davey          Somerville, MA               22:54  

7. Tod Rasmussen    Somerville, MA                 23:04   SSAC

8. Amy Porter            Ipswich, MA                  23:10  SSAC

9. Chris Cintron         Tewksbury, MA             23:40  SSAC
10. Todd Meaney       Somerville, MA              

11. Jenn Hicks          Somerville, MA               24:28

12. Jeremy Selwyn    Cambridge, MA              25:10  SSAC

13. Michael Panico    Medford, MA                 26:08   SSAC

14. Patricia French    Somerville, MA              26:29  SSAC

15. Paulie Watson     Cambridge, MA               26:42  SSAC
16. Charlie LaRosa    
Revere, MA                   27:42  SSAC

17. Tony LaRosa       Wilmington, MA              27:43  SSAC

18. Deirdre Calvert      West Medford, MA       28:19

19. Wild Will Groth    Watertown, MA             29:48  SSAC

20. Rebekah Coble     Montpelier, VT               31:29  SSAC

21. Tess Shipley         Medford, MA                31:30  SSAC

22. Elaine Scadding    Charlestown, MA           31:52 
23. Mr. Sully              Arlington, MA              33:27

24. Gillian Gould        Dublin, Eire                   33:45  SSACIT
25. Janet Qualter        
Cambridge, MA           33:56  SSAC
26. Brian Poli              Lynn, MA                     37:46  SSAC
27. Jack Curtin  Ennistymon,
Co. Clare, Eire     38:05  NMC
28. Jackie Ecker          Somerville, MA           39:18

TBR= Team Bouchard Racing
Somerville Striders Athletic Club
Somerville Striders Athletic Club In Training