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An C Liath Irish Pub City Run

Worcester, MA, November 26, 2007

Join us every Monday at 6:30 pm

by Scott


An C Liath Irish Pub
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610

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Route Map:
Should anyone think that Kelley Sq is not a happening place just check the evidence to the contrary.  Coming soon to the neighborhood that hosts the coolest weekly run in the city is the Salty Dog Saloon.  Why Kelley Sq?  Why not? You have traffic, people, bums (I guess they're people too), our weekly run, the Deep-fried Turkey 5K (which provided Thanksgiving dinner to some of those bums),  and now you'll have a mechanical bull and maybe some bikers.  Sure it's competition to our host The Greyhound Pub but it is also going to bring more people into the area and as our finish line is directly at their front door maybe we can get a few Salty Doggers to become salty runners.  Anyway years from now, post gentrification,  maybe it will be cool to say we were there when litter and debris, rather than BMW's and Barneys populated the streets.
Small crowd tonight, many possibly taking the night off after a busy race weekend, and in fact the busiest racing day of the year,  that being Thanksgiving Day.  Over 14,000 runners (yes I did count them) participated in road races in Massachusetts alone. Why Turkey day and not the rest of the year I don't know. It is good for the sport and hopefully some of those 14,000 will become regular runners and race more often throughout the year.  B.A. events has more runners, Paulie makes more money, Paulie's electrician makes more money.  I like that. "Cause In the words of Troy Brown spoken while renegotiating his multi gazillion dollar contract..."Brotha's gotta eat..."
5km (light) run:
1    22:25 Scott Stevens Holden SSAC
2    23:30 John McCarthy Auburn
3    23:45 Jill Conroy Worcester
4    23:53 Joe Carpenter Rochdale RRR
5    26:50 Marta Carlson Paxton CMS
6    26:54 Tracy Flynn Shrewsbury CMS
7    26:57 Craig Ornell Charlton
8    27:11 Mike Keating Worcester CMS
9    27:30 Art French Shrewsbury CMS
10  27:59 Ray Boutotte Pepperell CMS
11  30:00 Cyndy Curley Sterling CMS