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Olde Magoun's Saloon 5Km

Somerville, MA, November 15, 2007

Overall Results

Weather: 47 degrees and wet

For more race information, see Magoun's Saloon 5Km.

Another duel tonight and this time between Trevor Bouchard and Chris Hogan

Another duel tonight and this time between Trevor Bouchard and Chris Hogan..the wee lad only 17 years old won tonight ovah the "old man" 30 year old Chris Hogan who seems to be in the thick of it each and every Thursday night !!

Trevor hails from
Derry, N.H...and every so often the Bouchard Bus gets packed and La Familia heads south to join us..always nice to see the family Our condolences with their recent loss!

Word out on the street was that Boston Marathon legend Jack Fultz was in-town tonight giving a lecture to a beer in-hand crowd at Khoury's State Spa...well we had our own celebrity in-house tonight, author Dave Copeland who most recently penned
"Blood and Volume:  Inside New York’s Israeli Mafia"....Dave didn't lecture but he did run and he always had a beer in-hand after the run!!!

If you are in-need of some wintah reading or a stocking gift for someone who loves mob stuff then check out Dave's book at

The Olde Magoun’s Saloon 5Km is every Thursday.....rain, shine, blizzard, mob hits or Hillary Clinton is in-town lecturing!!

5Km Results:


1. Trevor Bouchard            Derry, New HH          20:03   BRT
Mark Sarno                   Arlington, MA           20:06
3. Chris Hogan                
Medford, MA             20:34
Dan Doherty                 Waltham, MA            20:39
Jim DuPont                  Rayham, MA             21:05  SSAC
6. Jeremy Nersasian        
Waltham, MA            21:35
Jeff Doody                   Somerville, MA           22:15
Jim Higgins                  Arlington, MA             22:34
John Singleton             Waltham, MA            23:40  SSAC

10. Kevin Asher                Medford, MA             24:10  SSAC
11. Chris Cintron             
Tewksbury, MA          24:37  SSAC

12. Jeremy Selwyn           Cambridge, MA          24:45  SSAC

13. Claudine Christoforides  C-Bridge, MA           26:28  SSAC

14. Charlie LaRosa           Revere, MA               26:33  SSAC

15. Tony LaRosa               Wilmington, MA         26:34  SSAC

16. Michael Panico            Medford, MA             26:42

17. Kelly Flynn                 Charlestown, MA        31:16

18. Melissa Milano           Malden, MA               31:31

19. Dave Copeland            Burlington, MA           32:52

20. Brian Poli                   Lynn, MA                  38:21   SSAC


BRT= Bouchard Racing Team
Somerville Striders Athletic Club