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An Cù Liath Irish Pub City Run

Worcester, MA, November 12, 2007

Run with us every Monday @ 6:30 pm

results by Scott

An Cù Liath Irish Pub
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610

5Km Run
 Showdown of the "Michaels" tonight with the "Sullivan" outkicking the "Weinberg" for the win.  Nice crowd sticking around post race for a junk food extravaganza featuring,  Mozzarella Sticks ala Carpenter,  Mini dogs wrapped in bacon: Art French Style, Coney Island Hot Dogs courtesy of Mark Johnson,  Sue Leo-Johnson baked Brow-nies, and even some good stuff like baked ziti from the Tracy Flynn Italian kitchen.  If that wasn't enough there were even vegetables in the form of cornbread and cornchowder.  The "Fruit" group was represented as well with a banana bread sent along by Mrs. Goolsky which in true Mr. Goolsky fashion was partially eaten by the time it arrived at the Greyhound Pub. 
 Yeah this is a weekly run, and in fact there is some national publicity in the works via a certain running magazine that is sure to bring in some more cold beer drinking folks and really put us on the map, but the way things are going it might be more appropriate for the "Phantom Gourmet" to stop in to review the weekly fare.  Where else are you going to find a full buffet, all homemade, and best of all it's free?  No doubt we'll be listed in the next Zagats Best of Worcester Edition.
We ran a shortened course this week henceforth known as the "Brian McCarthy Memorial Route" in an effort to avoid the road construction in Washington Sq at Union Station. A dangerous trek running through a major public works project can be and after almost losing a runner last week it seems avoiding the rotary of bloody knees and elbows is a wise move for the foreseeable future. So for now, we are a 5k run and this goes also for our Thanksgiving Day run which will follow the same course.
It's November 22nd, it's a road race, it's mimosas, it's Rutland carrots, it's a good time and it's a hot oil bath for some unlucky turkeys.  No they are not having a day at the spa...they are being deep fried for a post race Thanksgiving Feast much the way the Pilgrims celebrated their first year in the New World!  Sign up now for the "Worcesters Deep Fried Turkey 5km or abouts" 1st annual road race. PETA members welcome.
1    18:27 Michael Sullivan East Longmeadow
2    18:31 Michael Weinberg Worcester CMS
3    21:04 Ernesto Soto Worcester CMS
4    21:58 Thaddeus Bell Leominster
5    22:47 Erin Morrissey Worcester SAHRAR
6    22:47 Sean Hendricks Worcester SAHRAR
7    23:02 Deb Williams Holland SAHRAR
8    23:20 Scott Stevens Holden SSAC
9    25:25 Jack Goolsky Rutland CMS
10  25:28 Tracy Flynn Shrewsbury CMS
11  26:28 Art French Shrewsbury CMS
12  26:35 Susan Leo-Johnson Worcester
13  27:50 Stu Thurston Boylston CMS
14  30:05 Cyndy Curley Sterling CMS
15  31:11 Daggiisuren Bell Leominster
16  33:03 Marta Carlson Paxton CMS
17 Dave Krom Worcester CMS
18 Ray Boutotte Pepperell CMS
Miscellaneous Distances
19  27:56 Joe Carpenter  Rochdale RRR
20  23:00 Paul Curley Sterling HIPPO
21  23:00 John McNamara Worcester SFRC