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"Squeezable Yogurt Run & Duathlon 1"

Cambridge, MA, May 17, 2007

Overall results


"Squeezable Yogurt Run & Duathlon 1"
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

While crow was being served across the river this evening..we feasted on juicy Mexican Salsa Burgahs with Swiss Cheese, hotdogs, three bean salad, squeezable yogurt, flavored water & cold beer and it was good

Big Battle tonight between Beverly Zaluk and Elena Jacubiak.....some would call it an ole fashion off road competition...and Beverly won but by only the length of a curler roll - it was that close ladies & gents!!

Next week we celebrate our good friend Jim DuPonts birthday and a few weeks the Dupe Double Loop and all are welcome!!

Duathlon - 2.6M Run, 2.6M Bike, 2.6M Run:

1. Quentin Reeves    Manchester, MA      36:58   BC
2. Cam Manning       Montpelier, VT         41:10   SSAC
3. Brendan McWilliams Arlington, MA      43:21   KK
4. Jeff Dody              Somerville, MA        50:39
5. Margaret Yellot   Cambridge, MA      51:42   HU
6. Kelly Stecker      Cambridge, MA      51:42.1 HU

2.6 Miler:

1. Todd Hutchinson    Arlington, MA          15:44   SSAC
2. Matt Corcoran       Weymouth, MA        17:13   SSAC
3."Money Bags" Silviera  Gloucester, MA   17:21
4. Jim DuPont           Raynham, MA          17:34  CRR
5. Tony LaRosa        Wilmington, MA        18:53  SSAC
6. Neil Cullen           Cambridge, MA          18:55  SSAC
7. John Singleton      Watertown, MA         19:04
8. Jeremy Selwyn     Cambridge, MA          19:38  SSAC
9. Jay Lowry             Watertown, MA         20:42  SSAC
10.Amy Porter    Cambridge, MA      20:59  SSAC
11.Beth Logan    Brisbane, AU        21:04  SSAC
12.Patricia French Somerville, MA     21:20  SSAC
13. Charlie LaRosa   Revere, MA                21:26  SSAC
14.Tess Shipley    Medford, MA       22:13  SSAC
15.Kerstin Johnson Somerville, MA    25:01  SSAC
16.Beverly Zaluk    Somerville, MA    25:12  SSAC
17Elena Jacubiak   Arlington, MA      25:13  SSAC
18. Mark Deaguero    South Boston, MA     25:37
19.Kate Phelps      Roxbury, MA      25:39
20. Jim Sullivan         Arlington, MA          25:46
21.Sandy Peters     Weymouth, MA    27:22  SSAC
22.Jacki Ecker      Somerville, MA      27:28
23.Gillian Gould Blackrock, Dublin, IRE  27:28:45
24. Jack Curtin         Cambridge, MA          30:40  NM

HU= Harvard University
BC= Bowdoin College
KK= Kilkenny Kats
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
CRR= Colonial Road Runners
NMC= North Medford Club

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