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An Cù Liath "Hyper-Link" Run

Worcester, MA, July 2, 2007

Overall results

by Scott

An Cù Liath Irish Pub City Run

An Cù Liath Irish Pub
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610

Hosted by the
Somerville Striders Athletic Club
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Route Map: 
They come from miles around to hang with this crowd.  Speedster Sean Duncan of "The Chair City" tearing up the course again with his third consecutive win.  Faster every week, might Sean be angling for a  "beat Sean cash challenge"? We'll see...Dave McKenna of Hudson was not far behind grabbing second place.
Live entertainment tonight courtesy of the newest and most dynamic duo to hit the Worcester Music scene "The Hardiman- Curley Experience" Good stuff from the guys tonight keeping things lively.  Check out other events happening at the Greyhound Pub.
Paul Collyer held court late into the evening lobbying some of the bigwigs of the city.  For those of you who don't know, and if you have ever met him you certainly do know, Paulie is the city of Worcester's biggest cheerleader, :>) and at times the city's biggest basher as well, sometimes both in the same sentence. The big fella wants nothing but the best for the city and he is trying to make things happen. The upcoming Canal Diggers 5k is shaping up to be Collyer's signature event for Central Mass.
In an effort to enhance the quality of life in the Kelley Sq area, a late night vote was taken and the results showed overwhelming support for "park benches" along Water St.  Not exactly a "park" Water St, but someplace to park your rear as you chow on some eats form Widoff's Bakery, Weintraubs Deli or any of the other eating establishments in the Canal District would not be a bad thing.  Things like this don't just happen it's people that make it happen and it ain't gonna happen if people don't speak up and make themselves heard.  So City of Worcester folks that are reading this, and I know there are many, consider us speaking up.
Check out this cool video on youtube.  Why wouldn't you want to come run here? Kelley Sq traffic
And of course for all things Worcester read Worcester Magazine featuring the writings of our newest Monday night regular Scott Zoback.
3.5 Mile results:
1.     Sean Duncan                  Gardner                 18:53              CMS
2.     Dave McKenna               Hudson                   19:14
3.     Ernesto Soto                  Worcester              22:03              CMS
4.     Brian McCarthy              Worcester              23:52               WRSD
5.     Seamus Shanley             Shrewsbury            24:43               CMS
6.    George Cunha                 Douglas                 25:02               TVFR
7.    Erin Morrissey                 Worcester             25:03
8.    Michael Weinberg            Worcester             25:47               CMS
9.    Scott Stevens                  Holden                  25:47.1            SSAC
10.  Kevin Morrissey               Worcester             26:21
11.  Kevin Hardiman               Worcester             26:21.1
12.  Karen Berni-Giarusso        Worcester             27:10              CMS
13.  Bradley Clark                    Worcester            27:18               WRSD
14.  Jim McKenna                    Hudson                 27:30               HCS
15.  Joe Carpenter                  Rochdale               27:53               RRR
16.  Amy Paquette                   Worcester            28:18                CMS
17.  John Morrisey                   Worcester            28:30
18.  Eddie Sanborn                  Worcester             28:36
19.  Art French                        Shrewsbury           28:45               CMS
20.  Ken Deary                         Dudley                  29:08               CMS
21.  Mark Johnson                    Holden                 29:59                CMS
22.  Sean Caroll                        Holden                 30:11
23.  Patricia McKeon-Johnson    Holden                 30:59               CMS
24.  Tracy Flynn                        Shrewsbury          31:24               CMS
25.  Scott Zoback                      Worcester            33:07               WOMAG
26.  Richard Hunt                      Auburn                33:36               CMS
27.  Cyndy Curley                      Sterling                33:48               CMS
28.  Wendy Burdett                   Worcester            34:12
29.  Marta Carlson                     Paxton                 36:45               CMS
30.  Tim McGourthy                   Worcester            T/N/A
2.3 Mile Course:
  John Hendrick                       Berlin                   24:38             CMS
CMS= Central Mass Striders
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
TVFR= Tri Valley Front Runners
NMC= North Medford Club
HCS= Highland City Striders
WRSD= Wachusett Regional School District
WOMAG= Worcester Magazine
RRR= Rochdale Road Runners