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An Cù Liath Irish Pub City Run

Worcester, MA, July 16, 2007

Overall results

by Scott

An Cù Liath Irish Pub City Run

An Cù Liath Irish Pub
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610

Hosted by the
Somerville Striders Athletic Club
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Right off the top let me issue an apology to our Monday night Mom, Tracy Flynn. I screwed up the results to be published in the Telegram last week and her name was omitted. Tracy has been working harder than anyone and it shows. Her times are better and her cookies are too, not that they were ever bad, and it is always nice to be recognized for your efforts.  So Tracy I am sorry. Maybe we can make this better with more M & M cookies, you bake 'em I'll eat 'em.  That should smooth things over.
Thanks once again to the Curleys for their hospitality.  Cyndy was "womanning" the grill tonight and served up hamburgers and hotdogs, which along with all the other assorted dishes brought in by the runners makes for the best Monday night meal deal around. This deal can't be beat.  Run a few miles get a free meal. All you are asked in return is to support the Bar and buy a few drinks. As the frugal city Worcester is known to be it is no surprise that this weekly is such a hit.
Speaking of a few drinks, that seems to be all it takes to get the stories flowing.  Not naming names or throwing anyone under the bus but much hilarity ensued this evening when the empty glasses started piling up. Let's just say that men from Montreal are very kissable and apparently bathroom sinks are not as durable as they may appear, particularly when used improperly, and leave it that. :)  What?  No it's not what you think.
This weeks race plug is once again the Fred Warren 5.5 miler Taking place in Holden this Sunday at 6:30.  It's a challenging course and small-town New England race with an el cheapo entry fee.
And finally but most importantly thanks to the better half of yours truly, Heather Stevens. Not a runner, and maybe not even a fan of us runners as we are generally selfish, sweaty and somewhat snooty, but a supporter none the less, Heather's always working behind the scenes, helping out at races,  and providing us with fantastic baked goods.  Tonight's peach apple pie was a hit and let me just say that everyone was happy to get a taste of your pie. :)
3.5 Mile results:
1.     Isaiah Janzen                              Worcester                       20:01        WPI
2.     Michael Weinberg                        Worcester                       20:02        CMS/NMC
3.     Dave Isenberg                              Worcester                      23:31        CMS
4.     Brian McCarthy                            Worcester                       23:36
5.     Ernesto Soto                                Worcester                      23:51         CMS
6.     Sarah Joyce                                 Worcester                      24:50         CMS
7.     John Joyce                                   Worcester                      26:35         CMS
8.     George Cunha                              Douglas                          27:20         CMS
9.     Brad Clark                                    Worcester                      27:30 
10.   Glenn Wilbur                                 Charlton                        27:45
11.   Scott Stevens                                Holden                          28:14          SSAC
12.   Jack Goolsky                                 Rutland                         29:35          CMS
13.   Tracy Flynn                                   Shrewsbury                    29:55          CMS
14.   Sean Carroll                                  Holden                          29:59           TRI
15.   Trixie McKeon                               Holden                          29:59.01      CMS
16.   Mark Johnson                                Holden                          29:59.03      CMS
17.   Art French                                     Shrewsbury                   30:20           CMS
18.   Cyndy Curley                                  Sterling                        35:46           CMS
19.   Jim Whittemore                             Leicester                      35:51           SSAC
Mixed Nuts:
1.     David Krom                            Worcester         4.6mi          37:12   CMS
2.     Sherri St Pierre                      Shrewsbury        3.3 mi         37:19
3.     Karen Mills                             Shrewsbury        3.3 mi         37:19
4.     John Hendrick                        Berlin                2.3 mi         23:21    CMS
5.     Pixie McKeon                          Holden              2.3 mi         21:00    DOG
6.     Paul Curley                             Sterling             2.6 mi         26:58    FBO
7.     Amanda Whittemore              Leicester    walk 3.5 mi         53.41    SSAC
8.     Dianah Butterfield-Milewski    Spencer      walk 3.5 mi         53:41    SSAC 
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
NMC= North Medford Club
HCS= Highland City Striders
FBO= Fat Bar Owners
TRI= Tall Runners INC
DOG= Dog