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An C Liath City Run

Worcester, MA, January 8, 2007

Overall results


An C Liath City Run

An C Liath Irish Pub
Kelley Square
Worcester Urban, Massachusetts 01610
Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Paulie's House Run was on the move tonight holding court at the "An C Liath Irish Pub" in up and coming Kelley Square-Worcester this evening....we didn't quite fill the pub BUT it was close!!

It looks like we are gonna set up shop here once a month from now on and a schedule is forthcoming...Worcester needs a Pub that hosts events and if "The Big Fella" can make ole Khoury's State Spa in East Somerville synonymous with running and now the Olde Magoun's Saloon in Somerville ..then he can do the same with An C Liath Irish Pub in Kelley Square-Worcester, MA...and if you don't believe "The Big Fella" then just ask Jack Goolsky of Rutland, MA!!!

2.33 Mile Course

1. Dawne Benoit        Templeton, MA       22:07
2. Cyndy Curley        Sterling, MA           22:20    CMS 
3. Jim Whittemore     Worcester, MA       22:35    SSAC

4.66 Mile Course:
1. Michael Weinberg     Worcester, MA     31:53   CMS
2. Travis Thompson       Worcester, MA     33:00   CMS
3. Kevin Hardiman        Worcester, MA      35:42 
4. John Joyce               Worcester, MA     35:44
5. Seamus Shanley      Worcester, MA      36:13  CMS
6. Kevin Morrissey        Worcester, MA      36:13:01
7. Sarah Joyce             Worcester, MA     36:37
8. David Krom               Worcester, MA     36:43  CMS
9. Francis Real             Worcester, MA     36:44  CMS
10. Bill Peters           Manchester, NH        37:48  NMC
11. Joe Carpenter        Rochdale, MA         37:49  RRR
12. Susan Leo-Johnson  Worcester, MA     43:17 
13. Tracy Flynn            Shrewsbury, MA     44:47  CMS
14. Chris Paul              Worcester, MA       44:50     
15. Marta Carlson         Paxton, MA            45:24  CMS
16. "Fat Tony" Lucia     Agawam, MA         48:00  EORC
17. Mike Butler            Springfield, MA        48:01 EORC

Round the Block and in for a Pint of Guinness Course:

1. Will Collyer     Worcester, MA       11:09    SSAC

EORC= Empire One Running Club
CMS= Central Mass Striders
NMC= North Medford Club
RRR= Rochdale Road Runners
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club