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An C Liath Irish Pub City Run

Worcester, MA, January 29, 2007

Overall results


An C Liath Irish Pub City Run

An C Liath Irish Pub
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610

Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Another Monday another victory for Win 'em all Weinberg. He says he can't be beat..he won't be beat.. Travis Thompson are you listening??? Lot's of new faces tonight with a visit from the Highland City Striders of Marlboro. Next week a special "Americas Most Wanted" run to be held in search of Jack Goolsky. Have you seen this man??? Two weeks from tonight promises meatloaf and mashed potatoes courtesy of Tracy Flynn and Marta Carlson. This is not to be missed.

The An C Liath Irish Pub City Run is every Monday starting at 6:30PM..usually 6:39PM and Kelley Square-Worcester is very accessible off of Rt. 290

4.666 Mile Results:
1. Michael Weinberg Worcesester, MA 33:53 CMS

2. Ken Hutton Marlboro, MA 34:29 HCS

3. Kevin Hardiman Worcester, MA 36:39

4. Kevin Morrisey Worcester, MA 36:55

5. Seamus Shanley Shrewsbury, MA 36:55.1 CMS

6. Scott Stevens Holden, MA 37:08 SSAC

7. Ernie Glickman Marlboro, MA 37:48 HTH

8. Nancy Robbins Dudley, MA 38:10 CMS

9. David Krom Worceseter, MA 38:13 CMS

10. Lynne Hanko Marlboro, MA 38:17 HCS

11. Chuck Hanko Marlboro, MA 38:17.1 HCS

12. Eddie Sanborn Worcester, MA 38:50 GRC

13. William Peters Manchester, NH 39:29 NMC

14. Amy Paquette Worcester, MA 39:33 CMS

15. Fran Real Worcester, MA 43:00 CMS

16. Marta Carlson Paxton, MA 44:00 CMS

17. Chris Paul Worcester, MA 45:00

18. Cyndy Curley Sterling, MA 45:41 CMS

19. Sam Keefe Worcester, MA 47:45 CLARK U

20. Paula Kiviranta Finland 47:45.1 CLARK U

21. Joe Carpenter Rochdale 47:45.2 RRR

22.Tony Lucia Agawam, MA 48:56 EORC

2.333 Mile Results:

1. Mark Vital Marlboro, MA 18:27 HCS

1.5 laps:

1. Helen Dudley Marlboro, MA 32.32 HCS

Flatlander course:

1. Tracy Flynn Shrewsbury, MA 32:57 CMS

2. Joe Carpenter* Rochdale , MA 32:57.1 RRR

*Yep he ran twice