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D.A.V. Somerville International 5.15Km

Somerville, MA, January 18, 2007

Overall Results


D.A.V. Somerville International 5.15Km

Disabled American Veterans Club
616 Broadway-off Ball Square
Somerville, Massachusetts 01609
Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Tonight down at one of the few remaining joints in Somerville that still has the feel of ole Somerville that "The Big Fella" digs....was a mini International Road Race Festival with gals from far away lands dominating the run and the walk!!

Spela Trefalt of Dvorje, Slovenia smoked the running gals and Gillian Gould of Ballybrack, Dublin, Ireland led the walkers through the gentle streets of Somerville, Massachusetts this evening:>) Ms. Trefalt made Somerville road racing history this evening for being the 1st Slovenian to win a race in "The Ville"......Ms. Gould won't be making Somerville road racing history cause the Irish have been ruling the streets of Somerville for years but she did win a racing vest!

The D.A.V. Somerville 5.15Km is every Thursday night..throughout the winter and early spring...if ya dig ole Somerville it's the place to be:>)
5.15Km Walk Results:
1. Gillian Gould  Ballybrack, Dublin, IRE 40:00
2. Ann Sanford  Somerville, MA        40:00.111
5.15Km Run Results:

1. Cam Manning             Medford, MA               19:21   SSAC
2. Jim O'Malley              Poughkeepsie, NY       19:27
3. Brendan McWilliams  Dunmore, Kilkenny,IRE  19:41  KK
4. Todd Hutchinson        Arlington, MA               20:26  SSAC
5. Trevor Bouchard          Derry, NH                   21:46
6. Stuart Hall                 Detroit, MI                    21:55
7. Zoltan Feledy             Provincetown, MA        22:07
8. Tony LaRosa             Wilmington, MA            23:46  SSAC
9. John Singleton           Waltham, MA              24:03
10. Jay Lowry                Watertown, MA            24:53
11. Jerry Shine              Somerville, MA             25:33  SSAC
12.Spela Trefalt      Dvorje, Slovenia       26:17
13. Paulie Watson         Cambridge, MA            26:40  SSAC
14. Kevin Christian        Dorchester, MA             27:58  SSAC
15. Mike Prifti                Somerville, MA             27:59  SSAC
16. Mike O'Malley         Toledo, Ohio                 28:00
17.Colleen Marinelli    Natick, MA          29:24  SSAC
18.Sarah Follenweider  Somerville, MA      29:41
19.Deirdre Doyle       Corpus Christi, TX   29:48
20.Elena Jacubiak      Arlington, MA       30:32  SSAC
21. Charlie LaRosa       Revere, MA                   30:34  SSAC
22.Kerstin Johnson  Somerville, MA        31:14  SSAC
23.Maria Federico   Chicopee, MA         31:18
24.Janet Qualter    Cambridge, MA       34:39  SSAC
25.Beverly Zaluk     Somerville, MA       35:24  SSAC
26. Brian Poli              Lynn, MA                    38:28  SSAC   

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
KK= Kilkenny Kats