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Olde Magoun's Saloon 5Km

Somerville, MA, December 27, 2007

Dan Dodson 5Km Tribute

Had to get these results up so that the "arbiter" who decides what races are "authentic" races doesn't have Deval Patrick & Barack Obama showing up at my door shouting "Together We Can" get those December 27, 2007 results posted!!!
Cause as "everyone" especially those who never volunteer for a damn thing know takes 5 little itty bitty minutes

So all you faithful Fresh Pond Runners of 30+ years...and everyone else who has ever run a weekly directed by folks who give up their time to direct but have never posted the results up on a website....the most sacred of weekly course records do not exist and yer participation didn't mean anything..cause they never got posted on a web site.. sheesh what is the World coming to ????

5Km Results:



1. Todd Hutchinson       Arlington, MA            20:00   SSAC
2. Rob Kirsh                 Somerville, MA          22:47
3. Kevin Asher              Medford, MA             23:54   SSAC

4. Ringo Davey             Somerville, MA          24:04   SSAC
5. John Singleton         Waltham, MA             24:11   SSAC
6. Jeremy Selwyn        Cambridge, MA          25:59   SSAC
7. Tony LaRosa            Wilmington, MA        26:00   SSAC

8. Charlie LaRosa         Revere, MA               26:03   SSAC

9. Heidi Sardilla           Framingham, MA       26:04

10. Michael Panico      Medford, MA              26:44   SSAC
11. Deirdre Calvert        Medford, MA             28:50

12. Dan Dodson          Methuen, MA              34:09  NMC
13. Brian Poli              Lynn, MA                   35:05  SSAC
14. Janet Qualter         Cambridge, MA          35:09   SSAC