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third Annual Devin Laubi Foundation Run/Walk

Fall River, MA, April 29, 2007


Special thanks to Madalena Beaudreau for her selfless & tireless efforts to distribute flyers for us and make our cause known. Thanks to our dj this year, Robert White and to all our faithful volunteers and runners that shared their day with us!!

For more race information, see learn more about how we raise funds for children stricken with cancer, and other related events to help those in need.

#    NAME					CITY				TIME

41-Infantino, Jameson			Somerset			27.07
42-Azevedo, Daniel 			Swansea 			22.37
26-Bobbitt, Denyce 			Holbrook			43.52
27-Boudreau, Madalena 		Fall River			20.23-THIRD
37-Burns, Reid 				Westport		     	19.24-FIRST
32-Chaves, Carl 				Berkley 			48.34
35-Donaldson, Amy			Westport			52.18
25-Doran, Kristen 			Quincy 			38.25
34-Ferrarini, Marybeth 		Westport 			52.18
38-Kelly, Bill 				Fall River			22.44
29-Larabee, Dean 			Taunton 			25.05
30-Manchester, Doreen 		Westport			28.24
24-McCarthy, Michelle 		Weymouth 			43.51
31-McClure, Susan 			Westport 			24.25
33-Valero, Sheila 			Fall River			38.27
43-Warren, Andrew 			Somerset 			28.30
28-Worsley, Bob				Berkley 			22.39
36-Worsley, Eric 			Fall River			19.26-SECOND