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An C Liath Irish Pub City Run

Worcester, MA, April 16, 2007

Overall results

By Scott

An C Liath Irish Pub City Run

An C Liath Irish Pub
11 Kelley Square
Worcester, Massachusetts 01610

Hosted by the
Somerville Striders Athletic Club
Beaten down by the man...  The big fella is really crackin' the whip this week! He really wants to get rid of $300.00 as soon as possible.  So I have to get these results out to the world asap or risk termination from my current position of volunteer!! Not good for the resume. For anyone who is wondering what the hell I am babbling about you should know that there is cash money up for grabs this coming Monday night. That's right easy money just for running.  The money is being put up by  Americas favorite race director Paul Collyer.  This is money that you probably paid to him to run one of his races or buy one of his t shirts anyway. Here is your chance to get some back! Or you can think of it as repayment for the food Buddy the Beagle stole out of your hands at some point.  
Super Mario Fraioli will be running and anyone who can unseat him with what would be our fastest Monday night time takes the loot!  It's a 3.5 mile run through the Kelley Square-Union station area in the heart of the Commonwealth, Worcester Massachusetts.
The rules are simple:
If Mario wins he gets $125.00
Now between me and you, I hear Mario may be running Doyle's 5 miler on Sunday so he may be vulnerable come Monday night. What better chance do you have to pick up some extra scratch to take your old lady, (or man) out for some chow.  I can't think of any.
So fast runners come down for the cash. Regular schmoes come down for the food. Whatever you do just show up!
Monday April 23
6:30 Pm
An Cu Liath Pub
Kelley Square, Worcester
Runners will be responsible for knowing the course. Efforts will be made to mark the turns but it would be wise to study the map ahead of time.
This is an urban race and the streets will be shared by very courteous Worcester drivers.
Coming soon race for Red Sox tickets....stay tuned
In case you missed it check out the article from Sundays Telegram & Gazette about the only weekly run in the city.
Race web site
Route Map: 
3.5 Mile results:
1.          Tony Morash                          Hingham                23:45
2.          Peter Wojtas                         Greenville NH         24:09            CMS
3.          Joe Carpenter                        Rochdale                28:04            RRR
4.          Stephen Penna                       Chicopee               28:09             EORC
5.          Eddie Sanborn                        Worcester             28:25
6.          Art French                              Shrewsbury           31:20             CMS
7.          Tracy Flynn                             Shrewsbury           31:50             CMS
8.          Gabriel Betancur                     Worcester             33:00
9.          Tony Lucia                              Agawam               34:08             EORC
10.        Cyndy Curley                           Sterling                34:12             CMS
2.3 Mile course:
1.        Wendy Burdett                       Worcester             20:50
CMS= Central Mass Striders
RRR= Rochdale Road Runners
EORC= Empire one Running Club