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Run The Ridges - Cabot, Vermont!

Cabot, VT, May 20, 2006

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Overall Male

Faith In Action Northern Communities Partnership

For a story and picture about this race, see Run The Ridges - Cabot, Vermont!.

Bib NumberGroupGender Name Time
34< 19MCaleb Clark40:50:00
3540-49MMack Gardner Morse44:45:00
4820-29MGreg Burtt46:49:00
23< 19MBryden Considine47:22:00
2240-49MAlan Huntley47:28:00
2750-59MBruce Gould49:35:00
3740-49MBruce Douglas51:30:00
6140-49MDennis Casey52:10:00
2850-59MDavid Erickson52:28:00
2120-29MTJ Coffin53:35:00
4040-49MMichael Lacharite54:57:00
4730-39MJason Gringon56:00:00
57< 19MConnor Gordon Martin56:55:00
58< 19MJacob Clark56:55:00
3020-29MDavid Hilfinger58:23:00
3530-39MAndrew Carter59:05:00
3630-39MPeter Kopsco59:05:00
2030-39MAlan Rosa60:14:00
4520-29MCraig Gile69:11:00
3970 +MDonald Lacharite71:03:00
150-59MBob Buchanan77:56:00
5060-69MTed Chase78:16:00
3860-69MJohn Andy Kaptan94:39:00
5950-59MMike ClarkWalk
6550-59MRoman KokodyniakWalk
DNS60-69MBruce MeaderDNS