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Marsh Post "Fred Brown Classic" Celebrating Bruce Migel

Cambridge, MA, September 7, 2006

Overall results

Bruce Migel (Left of # 519)
Bruce Migel (Left of # 519)


Marsh Post "Fred Brown Classic" 
Celebrating Bruce Migel
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Ole North Medforder Bruce Migel passed away this year and he will be missed..he ran every Thursday with us the past few years while we were on the Charles River...even had dinner with us..rarely paid but that was okay..he was a millionaire and you don't become a millionaire by giving it away..just ask Larry Bird who never bought a drink for anyone either..and he is an even bigger millionaire!! Anyway, Bruce was a runner from way back and he was a chuckle to always have this nights for you Bruce wherever you are now putting in those miles...I hope the higher above got you a new pair of sneaks cause the ones you had on the earth were really old...being a millionaire you could have spent a few bucks once in awhile:>) Thanks for the company Bruce Migel (left) of #519 above

1. Cam Manning      Medford, MA        15:06   SSAC
2. John Wichers      Arlington, MA       16:10   SRR
3. Paddy Moore      Cambridge, MA    16:35
4. Frank Tietje        Belmont, MA        17:24
5. Neil Cullen          Cambridge, MA    18:03  SSAC
6. Mike Campisano  Allston, MA         18:17
7. Tony LaRosa      Wilmington, MA    18:46  SSAC
8. Kim  Thompson  Watertown, MA     19:28
9. Susan Nichols    Newton, MA          20:19
10. Bob Nesson     Somerville, MA      20:39  SSAC
11. Paul Watson    Cambridge, MA      20:40  SSAC
12. Beth Logan      Cambridge, MA      21:37  SSAC
13. Charlie LaRosa  Revere, MA          22:03  SSAC
14. Julie Campisano  Allston, MA        23:11 
15. Rick Collette     Wakefield, MA      23:23  MRC
16. Kerstin Johnson  Somerville, MA   23:40  SSAC
17. Marla Lindsay   Medford, MA        24:46
18. Finian Lindsay  Medford, MA         24:47
19. Janet Qualter    Cambridge, MA    26:46  SSAC
20. Jack Curtin       Cambridge, MA    30:41  NMC
NMC= North Medford Club
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
SRR= Somerville Road Runners
MRC=Mystic Runners Club