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Paulie's "Bison Run II" House Run

Worcester, MA, September 4, 2006

Overall Results


Paulie's "Bison Run II" House Run

SSAC West Headquarters
224 1/2 Chandler Street #2
Worcester, Massachusetts 01609

Hosted by the
Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Many thanks to all who supported the race tonight...a nice Labor Day race in Worcester this evening..and with all the fixin's...including Bison burgahs from the Alta Vista Bison Farm in Rutland, Massachusetts.."The Big Fella's" favorite Central Mass. town and corn from Howes Farm in Paxton, Mass. and the most scrum scrumtious cookies baked by our in-house gals Tracy Flynn & Sue Leo-Johnson..the only woman alive in Worcester with a hyphenated name!!

Well, Paulie's House Run has out-lived the Tatnuck Book Store, Union Station Blues Club, the Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey marriage and now  Allegiant Air...on the Richter Scale this would register a 8.9..or in Worcester Speak a "67.9% capacity"!!! It moves on..even if it is not on "quiet paths in the woods":>)

And speakin' of the Richter Scale..the fabulous story that popped up in the Boston Globe about "Paulie's House Run" continues to bring in huge accolades hasn't brought in huge numbers of participants:>) but certainly some huge accolades...even the local guy who writes about running NOW wants to get in on the action and write a piece!!

Anyway, as life moves along and so doesn't support and without support nothing "The Big Fella" is gonna throw his full thrust of support for an upcoming event in Franklin, Massachusetts called the "
The Bob Biagiotti
Family Fun 5K Run/Walk"

Paulie's House Run is every Monday night..year round and if you are lookin' for a little something different in Worcester or the surrounding communities then we could be for you???

3.1 Mile Results:

1. Scott Stevens       Holden, MA          21:45   SSAC
2. Raphael Kombo  Worcester, MA     21:45.6
3. Ron Trzcinski       Worcester, MA     24:38   CHPR
4. Sue Leo-Johnson Worcester, MA    26:26   CHPR
5. Tracy Flynn           Shrewsbury, MA   26:49   CMS
6. Fran Real             Worcester, MA      26:59   CMS
7. Jack Goolsky       Rutland, MA          26:53    CMS
8. Jim Whittemore   Worcester, MA     29:48   SSAC
9. Dawne Benoit      Templeton, MA    30:24