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Paulie's "True Grit" House Run

Worcester, MA, September 11, 2006

Overall results


Paulie's "True Grit" House Run
SSAC West Headquarters
224 1/2 Chandler Street #2
Worcester Urban, Massachusetts 01609
Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

The Start of the fall racing season in Worcester may seem to be over already since the Fallon Five isn't happening this year..and the local Worcester T&G running scribe's urban pencil broke and and he found a new one with no lead out on a quiet peaceful trail while listening to the hummingbirds hum....and the mockingbirds mock but don't despair cause word is out on the street that there is a new Sherriff in the CITY and that there is some late season stuff in the works (T-Day Race) and a new schedule for 2007 in Worcester being planned out..such as a a new pub race, possibly a Corporate Challenge style race in the downtown area, maybe the reincarnation of the ole Charlies Surplus and possibly even a real biggie down around Green Street in the fall that will include closed down streets, fancy start and finishes, medals.....a real reason for folks to come from out of town and I don't mean Auburn or Grafton to enjoy good ole fashion Worcester Urban racing with some pizzzzzaaazzzzzzzzz!!!

And if tonight was any indication  of things to is that Paulie's House Run has finally gotten the foundation BUILT..and the first floor is now being designed...folks are now coming every week and Scott Stevens one of the original architects is smiling a little better as he see's more folks joining us every week!!

And, cause I am full of and's tonight...Dawne Benoit, one of our lovely lasses who seems to be able to get to Worm-Town all the way from Templeton, Massachusetts more often than Worm-Town residents can many weeks....ran a PR and a great PR at that to..yup we even have PR's now at Paulie's House congratulations Dawne Benoit for deciding to for-go those quiet peaceful trails in Templeton, Massachusetts for some hardcore Worcester Urban racing on a Monday night in Worcester Urban, Massachusetts!! See ya next week Dawne and the rest of Paulie's Renegade Runners!!

Special Event taking place on September 25th-
City of Worcester "Mayors Run & Walk" with special guests Mayor Tim Murray, City Councilor Barbara Haller & 4-Time Boston Marathon winner Bill Rodgers

3.1 Mile Course:
1. Peter Wojtas       Greenville, NH         19:21   CMS
2. Scott Stevens      Holden, MA            22:47   SSAC
3. Jack Goolsky      Rutland, MA           23:03    CMS
4. Jose Carpenter    Rochdale, MA         23:24   RRR
5. Arturo French      Shrewsbury, MA     23:35   NMC
6. Tracy Flynn         Shrewsbury, MA     25:10   CMS
7. Marta Carlson      Paxton, MA            25:30
8. Sue Leo-Johnson  Worcester, MA     26:30   CHPR
9. Bill Lazott           Westboro, MA         29:05
10. Dawne Benoit    Templeton, MA       29:35
Cook Short Order Course:
1. Paul Collyer     Worcester, MA         17:05   SSAC