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D.A.V "Somerville 5.15 Km"

Somerville, MA, October 5, 2006

Overall results

D.A.V. "Somerville 5.15Km

Disabled American Veterans Club
616 Broadway-off Ball Square
Somerville, MA 02145
Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

So Gooooooood to be back home for the fall, winter and early spring....Paul Watson plans to boycot until I move the fall, winter & early spring location to Centerfolds in Tewskbury!!  I like the feel of the D.A.V. and thats all that matters!!!

You walk into the front door and the first thing you see is a sign stating "Somerville Striders A.C." upstairs and when you get upstairs the walls are adorn with race posters, newspaper clippings of races, results...loads of pics and you immediately get that "club house" feel the way the ole Khoury's used to possess....and like ole Khoury's and even bettah if ya ask Elena Jacubiak.."the beer is cheap:>)" and if you asked Peter Wallan of the Hockamock Swamp Rat he'd say "the way it used to be in road racing"!!!

The Babes of the Gang have been getting in some running lately..Beth Logan & Beverly Zaluk are tapering for a half marathon this weekend..Amy Aleshkie had jet rockets attached to her Nikes tonight...and Marie Kemp was plain ole Marie Kemp....speedy and so much fun to hang out with..Kevin Christian had bettah say a prayer every night for the rest of his life and during the half time of this weekends Pat's Game for landing her!!! I know I would:>)

Well the B.A.A. Half Marathon is this weekend and word out of Gothem City is that many in the S.S.A.C. are running..."The Big Fella" will not be BUT he wishes everyone who is good luck and godspeed!!!

The D.A.V. Somerville 5.15Km is every Thursday night and you do not have to have jets attached to your Nikes to run it......a smidgeon of personality and a few bucks in your pocket for post run beers or cokes is the only requirement:>)
5.15Km Course:
1. Cam Manning   Medford, MA         19:51  SSAC
2. John Wichers   Arlington, MA        19:53  TM
3. Todd Hutchinson  Arlington, MA     20:27  SSAC
4. Paddy Moore  Somerville, MA        21:16
5. Tod Rasmussen  Somerville, MA   22:29  SSAC
6. Larry Davey    Somerville, MA       22:47 
7. Jim DuPont     Raynham, MA        22:57  SSAC
8.Marie Kemp  Jackson, MS     23:02  SSAC
9.Amy Aleshkie  Medford, MA    26:02  SSAC
10. Kevin Christian  Dorchester, MA   26:52  SSAC
11.Jeremy Selwyn  Cambridge, MA   26:54  SSAC
12. Jay Lowry     Watertown, MA       27:35 SSAC
13. Chris Cintron  Tewksbury, MA     28:00
14.Leslie Quattrini  Brighton, MA  28:37
15. Andrew Holley  Medford, MA       28:39
16. Sam Voolich    Somerville, MA    28:51  SSAC
17.Meaghan Wahl Somerville, MA  29:30
18. Scott Barry     Somerville, MA     29:31
19.Sandy Peters  Weymouth, MA  29:58  SSAC
20.Patricia French  Somerville, MA  30:01  SSAC
21. Jerry Shine    Somerville, MA      32:00  SSAC
22. Tony LaRosa  Wilmington, MA    32:02  SSAC
23. Charlie LaRosa  Revere, MA       32:03   SSAC
24.Will Collyer Worcester, MA  32:50*  SSAC
25. Greg Ernst    Weymouth, MA     34:24  CCAC
26. Brian Poli     Lynn, MA                35:35  SSAC
Short Course:

1.Beth Logan     Brisbane, AU    15:01   SSAC
2.Beverly Logan  Somerville, MA  24:23  SSAC
3.Gillian Gould   Cambridge, MA  27:54
* ran before the race..race directors privilage:>)

SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
CCAC= Cape Cod Athletic Club
TM= Team MultiSport