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D.A.V. Somerville 5.15km

Somerville, MA, November 9, 2006

Overall results


D.A.V. Somerville 5.15Km

Disabled American Veterans Post
616 Broadway - off Ball Square
Somerville, Massachusetts 02145
Hosted by the Somerville Striders Athletic Club

Must have been a pretty salty Dim Sum they served in China recently for Amy Aleshkie..cause tonight in confidence she told me pretty boldly that next week she whups Laura Barrett in a bad way...and I know this battle is gonna happen cause in confidence after this running scribe bought Laura her post race refreshment(Harpoon Beer) she told this running scribe that she planned to be back next week!!

Great turnout this evening....10:30 P.M. and the D.A.V. still had runners drinking beer & taking bets on who is gonna whup who this weekend at the Battle of the Biggies Duathlon & 2.6 Miler....I'm laying $100 on "The Big Fella"....and this is in strict confidence between you and me!!
5.15Km Course:
1. John Wichers         Arlington, MA       19:01   TMM
2. Todd Hutchinson    Arlington, MA        19:17  SSAC
3. Cam Manning        Medford, MA          19:20  SSAC
4. Bob Blake             Needham, MA       22:11  SSAC
5. Scott Stevens        Somerville, MA      22:30  SSAC
6. Larry Davey           Somerville, MA      23:15
7. Livia the Labrador  Watertown, MA      23:32
8. Chris Bradshaw     Watertown, MA      23:32178
9. Frank Welch         Bedford, MA          23:41
10. Mike Prifti           Somerville, MA      23:54  SSAC
11.Laura Barrett   Somerville, MA    24:24
12. Jerry Shine         Somerville, MA       25:13  SSAC
13.Beth Logan      Brisbane, AU      25:37  SSAC
14.Amy Aleshkie   Greenbay, WI     25:378298  SSAC
15. Jay Lowry           Watertown, MA      25:43  SSAC
16. Chris Williams    Somerville, MA       26:13
17. Charlie LaRosa   Revere, MA            26:22  SSAC
18. Tony LaRosa      Wilmington, MA      26:23  SSAC
19.Patricia French Somerville, MA   27:30  SSAC
20. Chris Cintron      Tewksbury, MA       27:42
21. Sam Voolich      Somerville, MA       30:40  SSAC
22. Jimmy Qualter   Cambridge, MA       30:42  SSAC
23.Rebeka Manning  Medford, MA     31:28  SSAC
24.Catherine Aftandilian Malden, MA  31:34
25.Elena Jacubiak  Arlington, MA     31:35  SSAC
26.Tess Shipley     Medford, MA     33:04  SSAC
27.Sarah Follenweider Somerville, MA 33:05
28.Beverly Zaluk      Somerville, MA   33:07  SSAC
29.Janet Qualter    Cambridge, MA   33:12  SSAC
30. Brian Poli           Lynn, MA               36:31  SSAC
31. Dan Dodson       Methuen, MA          36:40  MVS

Real Short Course:
1. Paul Watson         Cambridge, MA        20:19  SSAC
2. Kevin Christian       Dorchester, MA       21:00  SSAC
MVS= Merrimack Valley Striders
TMM= ???
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club