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Jeremiah's Inn 5K Fun Run & Fitness Walk

Worcester, MA, November 5, 2006


Jeremiah's 5k was held today under perfect conditions: sunny, cool, and no wind.  The Lakeview Elementary School 
once again came through with the largest group of runners as they easily would've doubled the total count had they
not been timed as a group!  Following the rules of cycling, all the runners finishing in that group were given the 
same time of 40:40!!  
Leading the race was Jason Croteau who improved on last year's 2nd place finish.  Edward Verschoor also moved up a
few spots from 4th in 2005 to finish 2nd this year.  Lead CMS runner was Shaukat Soofi who knocked off over a minute 
from last year's time.  Stu Thurston, fresh off of Co-Directing the Deer Run yesterday, and new to the 70+ age category
this year and without a 70+ age group for this race, did battle with all the 60+ runners and came out on top!  Who 
needs that Super Vet Cat, huh?
Special thanks to the volunteers who helped register, time, and score this race! They make it look so easy!!

	                Jeremiah's Inn 5K Fun Run & Fitness Walk
                                   November 5, 2006
                                   Worcester, MA

Results Courtesy of Central Mass Striders
Place Time First Name Last Name Age Category Town Club 1 17:17 Jason Croteau M18-39 Webster 2 19:13 Edward Verschoor M50-59 Marlboro 3 20:14 David Maher M40-49 N Brookfield 4 21:04 Jonathan Bassett M18-39 Worcester 5 21:24 Misha Ivanov M18-39 Worcester Sommerville 6 21:47 Shaukat Soofi M18-39 Worcester CMS 7 22:30 Jim Hehir M50-59 Worcester CMS 8 22:41 Nick Cani M18-39 Worcester 9 23:05 Ron Trzcinski M40-49 Worcester CMS 10 23:08 Kevin Loehfelm M18-39 Lowell 11 23:41 Ali Soofi M00-17 Worcester CMS 12 23:43 Linda Luthman F40-49 Worcester 13 23:55 Juan Santana M50-59 Worcester CMS 14 24:18 Shabbat Soofi M00-17 Worcester CMS/Bancroft 15 24:34 Mary Brunelle F40-49 Petersham 16 24:35 Kenneth Plant M50-59 Worcester 17 24:41 Joe Croteau M50-59 Worcester 18 24:48 Joe O'Connor M40-49 Sterling CMS 19 25:14 Vincent Ciarametaro M18-39 Worcester 20 26:15 Luke Carpenter M18-39 Worcester 21 26:23 Michael Keating M40-49 Worcester CMS 22 26:24 Stu Thurston M60+ Boylston CMS 23 27:02 Ken Black M40-49 Quincy 24 27:13 Chris Barbour M18-39 Holden 25 27:27 Hannah Shea F00-17 Worcester 26 27:29 Annie Sennott F40-49 Worcester 27 28:53 Peter Barbour M60+ Worcester 28 28:57 Cheryl Sundeen F40-49 Douglas 29 29:38 Zelda Schwartz F60+ Holden 30 30:59 Mark Dillon M18-39 Lowell 31 31:36 Karen Kappes F60+ Holden 32 32:22 Peter Bruce M60+ Worcester CMS 33 33:02 Alan Champion M40-49 Worcester 34 33:06 Holly Carpenter F18-39 Worcester 35 36:48 Caitlin Navin F18-39 Paxton 36 40:20 Jacquelyn Shea F00-17 Worcester 37 40:20 Daniel Shea M00-17 Worcester 38 40:34 Paul Schwartz M60+ Holden 39 40:40 Lakeview School 40 45:30 Judith Torrey F50-59 Worcester 41 46:35 Brittany Morrell F18-39 Worcester 42 46:36 Lauren Sabbath F18-39 Worcester Volunteers: Megan Therriault, Laura Beckwith, Jan McNamara, Steve O'Neil, Bill Krauss, Kevin Fallon