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D.A.V. Somerville 5.15km

Somerville, MA, November 30, 2006

Overall results

D.A.V. Somerville 5.15Km

Disabled American Veterans Club
616 Broadway-off Ball Square
Somerville, Massachusetts 02145

Hosted by the
Somerville Striders Athletic Club

The Big Fella takes off a night or two off from Thursday Night race directing and the numbers boost up - I swear Jim DuPont is looking to take ovah my position and the crowd is for it:>) Joking aside...mi amigo James DuPont ran the show tonight quite admirably while I feasted on roast duck and chilled wine with a gal from Poughkeepsie, New York earlier in the evening..told everyone I had to paint but I really just needed some time off..after 15 years of this stuff one needs to cool the jets a wee bit!!

And speaking about the last 15 years..the upstairs room after the run was loaded with new and ole Somerville Thursday Night don't find that anywhere often but you do at the D.A.V. Somerville 5.15K'er almost every week...and it's mighty hard gettin' em all to sit at one table to chat with each other but I try!!!!

Lastly, great to see Mr. Paul Hennessey in-house tonight...ole Paulie Hennessey ran the first race I ever directed back in 1992 - Khoury's Foot Race (anyone remember the race tees with flowers on em') AND I still have the filled out race application to prove case I die any time soon and someone cares about this stuff....the last 15 years of my road race life are neatly tucked away in boxes under the floor boards in the back room at 118 Broadway, East Somerville:>) I may not hang out there much anymore-but my road racing soul fills the joint.
5.15Km Results:
1. Cameron Manning      Montpelier, VT          19:05    SSAC
2. Paddy Moore             Somerville, MA          21:00   SSAC
3. Tod Rasmussen         Somerville, MA         21:36   SSAC 
4. Paul Hennessey        Lynn, MA                  22:23  LAC
5. Jerry Carchedi            Dorchester, MA        22:31
6. Larry Davey               Somerville, MA          22:56
7. Jeremy Selwyn          Cambridge, MA         23:37  SSAC
8. Shauna Prifti       Somerville, MA      24:54
9. Mike Prifti                  Somerville, MA         24:55
10. Chris Williams         Somerville, MA          25:12
11. Kevin Christian         Dorchester, MA        25:19  SSAC
12.Amy Alsheskie     Green Bay, WI      25:30  SSAC
13.Dana Christensen   Somerville, MA      25:46
14. Matzi Neuber           Somerville, MA          25:47  SSAC
15.Marie Christian    Jackson, MS        26:09  SSAC
16. Jay Lowry                Watertown, MA         26:44  SSAC
17. Mike Fitzgerald        Lowell, MA               26:51
18. Paul Copland           Lowell, MA                27:01
19.Ana Hubert        Melrose, MA         27:02
20. Buddy Hubert          Melrose, MA              27:0211  SRR
21. Charlie LaRosa        Revere, MA               27:03  SSAC
22. Jerry Shine             Somerville, MA           27:43  SSAC
23. Tony LaRosa           Wilmington, MA         27:53  SSAC
24.Sarah F.          Somerville, MA       28:00
25. Chris Cintron           Tewksbury, MA          28:10  SSAC
26. Jim Whittemore       Worcester, MA           28:47  SSAC
27.Kirsten D          Somerville, MA       29:20
28. Sam Voolich           Somerville, MA            29:28  SSAC
29.Meredith Chase   Somerville, MA       29:32
30. Bill Groth                Watertown, MA           29:33
31.Sandra Peterson   Somerville, MA       32:23
32.Beverly Zaluk      Somerville, MA      34:28  SSAC
33. Dan Dodson            Methuen, MA              35:25  MVS
34. Brian Poli                Lynn, MA                    36:20  SSAC
35.Janet Qualters   Cambridge, MA      37:07  SSAC
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
MVS= Merrimack Valley Striders
SRR= Somerville Road Runners
LAC= Lynn Athletic Club