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Cinco De Mayo "Build yer Own Taco" run

Cambridge, MA, May 11, 2006

Overall results


Cinco de Mayo "build yer own taco" Run
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Hosted by the "always speaking Spanish while drinking"
Somerville Striders Athletic Club 

No tacos tonight....rain and to much threat of it was burgers,dogs & cold beer inside tonight after the run..only the cook was outside doing his thang!!!

Am I the only one who is getting tired of Cam Manning winning every night??? I predict he wins two more races next in Wakefield and one in Cambridge...possibly even Somerville if the stars and moon are aligned properly!! Anyone taking me up on this bet???


5.2 Miler

1. Danielle Holmes    Brighton, MA     52:53   SSAC
2. Tom Holmes         Somerville, MA  52:532  SSAC

2.6 Miler

1. Cam Manning       Medford, MA      15:56  SSAC

2. Todd Hutchinson  Arlington, MA     16:05  SSAC
3. Mike LaPierre      Medford, MA       16:40
4. John Wichers       Arlington, MA       17:44  SRR
5. Jeremy Selwyn    Cambridge, MA     18:03  SSAC
6. John Singleton     Waltham, MA       18:32
7. Marie Christian    Jackson, MS         19:05 SSAC
8. Mike Prifti           Somerville, MA     19:40  SSAC
9. Kevin Christian    Dorchester, MA    19:401  SSAC
10. Jessica Hamill   Brighton, MA        20:29
11. Rob Butler        Charlestown, MA    20:31
12. Scott Lombardo  Somerville, MA    20:46
13. Susan Nichols   Newton, MA           20:50
14. Joe Squillante   Charlestown, MA   20:57
15. Mike Lodge      Cambridge, MA      20:58
16. Beth Logan      Cambridge, MA      21:28  SSAC
17. Michelle McAndrew  S-Ville, MA      21:44  SSAC
18. John Barry       Easton, MA           21:444
19. Dave Morse     Cambridge, MA      22:22
20. Jerry Shine       Somerville, MA      22:25  SSAC
21. John Grant       Medford, MA         22:38  SRC
22. Kerstin Johnson S-Ville, MA           23:40  SSAC
23. Dan Wakabayashi  Belmont, MA     23:43
24. Lynn McElholm    Allston, MA         25:42 
25. Elvis Bird         Somerville, MA       26:04  SSAC
26. Lynn Manning   Milton, MA            26:21
27. Greg Ernst        Weymouth, MA    27:58  CCAC
28. Brian Poli         Lynn, MA                28:33  SSAC
29. Jack Curtin      Cambridge, MA      30:25  NMC

NMC= North Medford Club
SRR= Somerville Road Runners
CCAC= Cape Cod Athletic Club
SRC= Somerville Running Club
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club