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Paulie's Ordinary House Run

Worcester, MA, June 26, 2006

Overall results


Paulie's Ordinary House Run

SSAC West Headquarters
224 1/2 Chandler Street #2
Worcester, Massachusetts 01609

Hosted by the
Somerville Striders Athletic Club
It really aint that many weekly races out there are free and you get a home cooked BBQ w/ beer or other assorted refreshments to follow..nope it aint a Worcester Food's Paulie's House Run..and if I was to be graded on how effective I have been on getting folks to attend like the recent Worcester City Manager was graded (he got an A+)..I may be on the D List with Comedian Kathy Griffin!!!

Anyway if you are looking for us..we are located on Chandler Street..yup the notorious part that Worcester has been real slow to clean up...some of us down here are pushing the city and some in the city are helping us..many not-we got flower pots out front as a landmark-my feminine side as I have been told by a past date..thats okay it makes the street look clean..park further up in the driveway..come around the rear to the yard to leave your stuff and check hard like a few have been doing..then join in the post race camraderie that by Worcester standards will be legendary soon:>)

If you come Monday-July 10th, I'll even run and promise to break 31:00 (yah I am that slow right now)..see ya
Paulie's House Run every Monday Night in Central Massachusetts.


3 Miler Results:

1. Lester Forgit     Worcester, MA        20:34  CMS
2. Travis Thompson  Worcester, MA     20:48  CMS
3. Scott Stevens   Holden, MA             21:10  SSAC
4. Ron Trzcinski    Worcester, MA        22:22  P.N.I.
5. Tracy Flynn      Shrewsbury, MA      25:44  CMS
6. Susan Leo-Johnson  Worcester, MA  27:30 CHPR
7. Jim Whittemore  Worcester, MA       28:44  SSAC
8. Rob Marhefka     Worcester, MA       30:00  CHPR
P.N.I. = ????
CMS= Central Mass Striders
SSAC= Somerville Striders Athletic Club
CHPR= Castle Hilll Park Runners